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Why Every Nonprofit Should Have a Website and Instagram Account?

The task of every non-profit organization is to make all its elements well and functionally complex into one whole in order to make their message even better, clearer, more functional, and easy to use.

In order to achieve this, the existence of a non-profit organization is not enough, and today the technology has advanced a lot for such an organization to be advertised exclusively by radio or via TV. That is why every successful organization should speak from all platforms, and the most famous one is the internet platform. There is some controversy over whether you should buy your followers online to help your buisness, check out this great blog from d-addicts.com.

Nowhere will you be more noticed than on Instagram or the website, whatever you do. So depending on how much you want your voice to be heard far away, you need to act. Our suggestion for achieving optimal success goals is to run your Instagram profile and website equally. You can find out why we suggest it in the rest of the text.

The benefits of having Instagram

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Instagram is constantly improving, so for some time now it has had a popular option that Facebook first had – the ability to donate to various actions, groups and organizations. It is a sticker that will enable users to raise funds for non-profit organizations. Can you give a better reason to use Instagram in this business – we don’t think it’s possible.

You can use this sticker by finding it first in story section, and there you can find a list of non-profit organizations. In this way, the link of a non-profit organization can be shared by putting its link on a sticker. This option on Facebook has enabled organizations to raise over a billion dollars. Pretty good, isn’t it?

This platform is an ideal way to raise social activity to a higher level, and also to contribute more to the community and raise awareness in society.


Every organization essentially depends on the number of people who join and support it. Simply, the precondition of every social organization is society. However, just as an organization cannot exist without a society. Make the most of this interdependent relationship by having your organization have an Instagram profile.

This way you have the opportunity to attract the eyes of many people, but above all they have to follow you. We are sure that the recognizable, consistent and interesting profile will be noticed, but you always strive for more followers.

This is very easy today because it is enough just to highlight your organization by presenting it very concretely and targeting the audience. Also, presenting user experiences has a pretty good effect on people.

Instagram ads

Although Instagram is a place where there is a lot of competition precisely because of all its advantages, there is a place and an opportunity for everyone to show off. You will only succeed if you use this platform in the right way, but at least it is not difficult considering how many possibilities it offers us.

What attracts the largest number of people are advertisements, and in this case on Instagram. This is the most common and most effective way to achieve your goal. You can choose whether to use only video compilations, images or share your commercials through stories, collaborate with others, etc. Today, Instagram has several sections that can be used. There are also apps to help you choose your target social group, they choose certain things for you such as age, gender, age and the like.

The benefits of having a website

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Site structure

Another essential thing you need for the successful development of your non-profit organization is a website. Its features that enable you to succeed are precisely the main parts of its content hierarchy and previous user experiences.

You do not need special skills to create it, because you can achieve a lot with even the simplest sites. They just need to have a very concise internal structure that is related to the content and other elements of the site. You can also add a specific section so that your site becomes a donation website. Visit Donorbox to see how the best non-profit organizations’ websites are arranged, so you have an idea of where to start.

Many non-profit organizations claim that this is one of its most important aspects. This means that this strategy is extremely important because users can access your content at any time using an Internet browser.

Good plan

Every website that adheres to a certain standard represents a perfect connection and harmonization of all elements of your idea or the idea of ​​your organization. Why is it important? Because every person who visits your site can notice the reviewed content with clear parts and so quick and easy navigation comes to the essence of your message.

The fact is that the site represents the identity of your non-profit organization, and each identity represents a set of characteristics that speak to the perception of the profile about yourself. If the site represents identity, and its elements of characteristics, that means that you can influence the opinions of many people with such an image of yourself.

Headlines that attract attention

As we mentioned earlier, this is the fastest way for people to get to your organization, they just need to use a search engine and enter one word – and you can already find yourself among the well-known sites. Once he does that, your non-profit title gets full attention and that something will tell him that he is in the right place.

He will only stay at the same address because of the title, and it is the content that will lead him to stay there. Our advice is to use titles wisely and that the title represents you in a few words. Of course, use all the advantages of the site, including subtitles that provide a more detailed description. Remember that the title is your main feature and thus a very powerful tool.

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As important as websites and Instagram profiles are individually, they should not work separately or exclude one another. Don’t make this mistake. While some social networks may be better used than others, the most important thing is to build their interdependent relationship.

There is no need to just strive for the idea of ​​a large number of visits to your site or Instagram profile – the connection of these two important elements in a non-profit organization is a sure gain. By doing this, you are telling people your complete online presence and thus introducing them to the world of content. Remember that today an online presence is out of the question and becoming a necessity.

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