Most Viewed Youtube Videos in Serbia – 2024 Review

You probably know almost everything about YouTube as a site. There you can find almost everything when it comes to video content. Of course, you won’t be able to see adult content, but that doesn’t matter now. The variety of content attracts a large number of viewers.

The younger generation has stopped using YouTube to listen to music exclusively (today there are special apps for it), but still most of most viewed videos are still music ones. With the acceleration of technological changes, we come to the phenomenon of YouTuber and that is exactly how the content of YouTube becomes richer for another type of entertainment.

There are music performers and other artists who have their official profiles on the site and whose videos have a large number of views. However, we will not discuss the tastes, but we will reveal to you which videos on the YouTube site in Serbia are currently the most popular. Before we get to that, let’s look at the younger generation’s interest in YouTubers.

Teen idols

Muđa, Janko and Baka Prase are the names by which these guys present themselves on their YouTube channels. They all have something in common. To break into the scene, they bought watch time on sites like FamousFollower.com. It was simply necessary to take the first step, and later their popularity only grew. Whenever we talk about Serbian YouTubers, you can’t help but hear about Baka Prase, whose real name is Bogdan Ilić. He is followed by more than a million people on the YouTube platform today. Its content is such that it has recordings on which it plays video games, evaluates popular Balkan hits, actively comments on the Serbian YouTube scene as well as the dramas that take place on it. It is basically a mixture of several different contents.

There is also Stefan Vuksanović better known as Muđa. This YouTuber is primarily a gamer from a smaller place in Serbia. He has 1.5 million followers on YouTube. His popularity rose to a new level at one point when he entered into a relationship with another YouTube star, Jana Dačović. She has over 600,000 followers and is known for her makeup tutorials.

We will mention another YouTuber, Janko (Stefan Janković), who has over 850 million subscribers and over 120 million views. He publishes various contents every day that are interesting to his peers and the younger population. He started playing games by streaming as he played Counter Strike, and later became popular thanks to his pranks.

Now let’s finally find out which are the most watched videos…

Most viewed Youtube videos in Serbia:

MC Stojan – La Miami

His songs are autobiographical and in a provocative and funny way they describe the adventures he experienced with various types of women. He said that music is his greatest love. He became famous in 2005 when he published his first song “Bicuj me, Stojane”. After that, each of his next songs and videos, as well as duets, involve provocative videos, and the audience received it well. Proof of that are the multimillion visits on YouTube.
All of his songs are extremely popular and listened to on YouTube. However, the most popular and most listened to thing is “La Miami”, which has over 100 million views.

Severina feat Ministarke – Uno Momento

Croatian singer Severina is known for her many hits. Together with the music group called Ministarke, she recorded the song Uno Momento, which was a huge success overnight and has over 100 million views.

Ministarke is a Serbian group that was founded in 2013. It is composed of female members, namely Edita Aradinović, Ana Mašulović, Ivana Eremić and Ivana Rudić. The singer of the group is Edita, who recorded only one solo song, and after the founding of the group Ministarke, they had many popular songs.

Emina feat Milica Todorovic – Limunada

Singers Milica Todorović and Emina Jahović recorded the duet song Limunada and made a complete hit. This hit was watched by more than 70 million people, and if you watch the video, it will be clear to you why. Along with phenomenal song, you can also notice attractive singers who cuddle in the video, Emina feeds Milica with chocolate and so on. If you ask some viewers, they can confirm that the video is worth watching, and the song is worth listening to.

Milan Stankovic feat Jala Brat & Buba Coreli – Ego

After a long break, Milan Stanković returned to the stage and how! He came in a completely new light by opening the entrance with the song Ego, which he performs with the most popular Bosnian hip hop performers Buba Koreli and Jala Brat, who are the authors of the song. The video was viewed by more than 75 million people.

Milan presented his new image, as well as a new musical direction, and these are just some of the segments of this singer’s change.

Aleksandra Prijovic – Totalna Anestezija

Singer Aleksandra Prijović presented a video for the song “Totalna Anestezija”, in which she completely shone. It is a song signed by Mladjan Dinkić and Sasa Milošević Mare as authors. The lyrics for the song are quite intriguing, and the singer decided to change the image a bit in the video compared to before, and the fans are thrilled with the hit and Aleksandra’s appearance.

fThis singer, in addition to being one of the best vocalists on the Serbian music scene, can also boast of a perfect figure that she often stands out in her videos and in everyday life. The handsome singer recorded a video that was viewed by more than 60 million people
By the way, Alexandra became popular at the beginning of 2010 thanks to the music competition called Zvezde Granda, and then from 2017 she recorded three songs that were a complete hit. In 24 hours, each song had millions of views.


Instead of television, today almost all events on YouTube are for young people. However, this is not a problem because YouTube is definitely one big community and it is becoming a place where young people can find great content that even people and their age make, with whom you can identify. It is also adapted to every age so that everyone can find something for themselves.

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