How SMS Messaging Can Help Businesses Through COVID-19

This year’s Coronavirus Pandemics is one of the most discussed issues. It is important for business owners to inform all employees and customers about personal safety during the quarantine. A massive pandemic has affected every business area, so users need to be notified as quickly as possible. The most effective way is through SMS mailings.

Most companies have to change their working methods to adapt and maintain their businesses. Thus communication with clients by means of white label SMS platforms became key for the continuation of work. IT companies and marketing agencies were able to organize employees’ activities at home. But this option is not suitable for the restaurant business, hotel enterprises and other similar companies. They need to stop working or switch to a delivery mode.

Mass mailings in this case are a great way to notify employees and customers about changes in work. SMS messages are opened with a 98% probability. This means that almost everyone who has a mobile phone will read the notifications.

How is coronavirus changing our message?


The coronavirus is spreading to different countries despite closed borders. This helps to change the context of messages that come to each client’s phone. Less and less companies send notifications about new promotions and offers, reminders about the need to make regular payments to extend services. Now, organizations take care of each client’s health by sending a message via international sms platform asking them to stay home and monitor their well-being.

SMS message providers have been watching changes in marketing campaigns with interest. Mobile phone notifications are one of the main ways to quickly distribute information about the virus. It is used by representatives of retailers and enterprises of different levels.

International organizations use mass mailings to inform about quarantine regulations. Governments have strongly recommended:

  • to stay home;
  • to wash hands regularly;
  • in case of a deterioration of health, see a doctor and isolate.

Companies that provide users with various products have moved from advertising to mass notifications of the current schedule due to restrictions. Many companies have become more aware about people at high risk: the elderly and disabled ones. They were given separate time to visit shops and other distribution points to minimize contact with strangers.

Medical and insurance companies offered real-time advice from highly qualified doctors to clients who suspected that they had the virus. For this purpose, a link to an online resource with information about the coronavirus was sent via the SMS marketing platform. On the same website, it is possible to sign up for a virtual medical examination.

Many scientific enterprises have lost funding and started using mass mailings to collect donations to continue their activities. The messages may contain both classic data and sincere requests for help.

Small and medium-sized businesses use SMS as a way to communicate with their team. In their messages, executives remind of important meetings online, the release of software updates, blocking resources and much more. SMS is one of the most effective and reliable ways to communicate quickly without significant costs.

Coronavirus SMS campaigns: do’s and don’ts

Source: TMCnet

Marketing campaigns will not lose their effectiveness if following some advice. What is it necessary to do in this difficult period? Provide customers with information about the current service method on a regular basis. Businesses must notify users of measures that are being taken to ensure the health safety of each visitor during the quarantine. A text messaging platform will help in that. The list of mandatory measures for stationary service points includes regular sanitization, use of bank cards for payment instead of paper currency, etc. Customers should also be notified in case of a reduction of the amount of goods in stock or delayed delivery.

The more specific the notifications are, the better. Certain measures that are needed to stabilize the situation should be briefly described in a mass mailing list. It should also be indicated how quarantine has affected the company’s operations, whether additional means of communication have appeared, whether detailed information is available on the Internet.

Information should be provided on alternative options for communicating with the company and ordering goods. Most people will be unable or unwilling to leave the house. Therefore, the following options can be used:

  • fitness club representatives can organize online training;
  • provide links to applications with services of this kind;
  • owners of the restaurant business can organize deliveries;
  • creation of call centers in order quickly resolve issues.

An important step is to adapt the style of presentation of information for most clients. Users must understand what is at stake, especially when it comes to legal or technical issues. Also, it is not necessary to press on the situation. The positive mood will help to calm down the concerned clients and create a more pleasant atmosphere of dialogue with users.

The target audience should receive valuable information from your website. It is not a good solution to provide data only by e-mail. You can create a special section on the website that will describe basic information about the coronavirus. And notification about the creation of such a tab can be sent via mass SMS-mailing.

The desired section must be visible and accessible. If users can’t find it, they may refuse your company’s services. A short notice with a link or ways to access the data will make it easier to communicate with customers.

What’s not worth to do? It is not recommended to use the quarantine period to re-involve clients who have lost interest in you. You can often see that companies that have stopped communicating, send again information about promotions and offers during the pandemic.

The situation in the world should not be used to return clients. It is possible that users will block the number from which inappropriate notifications are received. So you need to be sure that customers receive notifications after they give their consent. To do this, each user must be able to disable or allow notifications during the registration process.

It is not worth to perform mass mailings using the texting platform without specific information. Each message should contain updated information that may be useful to customers. If the notification is sent just to remind of yourself, it is better to choose a more appropriate time.

Online service providers must offer customers something they cannot refuse. Fast home delivery, free services on the website, new products that will be useful at this moment. Concerns about the health of customers should be brought to the fore and periodically reminded of the need to take precautions.

Source: Washington Post

Wrapping Up

The pandemic hasn’t left a single area untouched. Companies are gradually adapting to the current situation, choosing the most convenient way to communicate with customers. SMS marketing has gained the right level of popularity, each client is promptly informed about changes in the companies’ work schedule, the way of interaction and buying goods online. For quick notification of users, it is possible to use online platforms such as

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