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Why You Need to Keep Your Windows Clean

The windows of a house or workplace can look great when they are clean, and match the design and decor of the building. We look outdoors without thinking and peer inside when we need to. Let’s face it: we usually take our windows for granted. That can sadly mean that we let maintenance slip, and over time things can get out of hand.

One issue might be that we don’t have the time to clean them or the money to do it – much less to pay a professional. Skylight windows can be hard to reach, making it even more of a temptation to ignore them. Let’s take a look at why we should keep our windows clean and bright.

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They Look Better From The Outside

When people decide to sell their home, they want to create a good first impression. If viewers arrive and see security gates or a freshly painted front door, it will significantly raise the chances of a sale. Money Magazine says that cleaning the windows of a house is the top investment one can make because it provides the largest financial return.

Anyone who arrives at your home and sees a grubby set of windows and window frames will be thinking about poor maintenance or the need for renovation. It’s the same with the windows at a place of work. Any clients who arrive and see a dirty set of windows will gain a lower opinion of the company.

It’s important to consider that cleaning the windows and frames is not always enough. According to the experts from SeersGroup.com green algae, stains can build up on the rendering of buildings. It thrives most in mild or damp conditions, such as those often experienced in England. Over time this can turn black in color. Fortunately, it is possible to have the render cleaned rather than repainted, to save money. This will enhance the whole appearance of the property.

Source: Total Commercial Solutions

They Look Better From The Inside

Just as visitors and guests will appreciate bright and shiny windows from the outside, they’ll appreciate the same thing indoors. We mentioned earlier that grubby windows can make people think a home has been poorly maintained. Children who observe discolored and grimey windows may feel they live in a substandard home, and not treat it with the respect it deserves. Parents need to lead by example, looking after their property in the same way that they want their children to.  It is true that our home is our servant and not our master. Having said that, who wants to live with dirty windows and blocked light?

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It Protects Our Windows

According to Russell Williams Home Services, such things as dust, dirt, and debris carry a destructive power within them. This is because glass is porous, so these elements can enter the glass and cause scratches. Once this has occurred, anyone looking from either side of the window will observe visual distortions.

In order to prevent our glass from degrading, we need to protect it from hard minerals, acid rain, oxidization (where an element chemically combines with oxygen), or sea spray (if people live along the coast). Once it occurs, any damage can be permanent.

Source: JAWS Cleaners

Regular Cleaning Saves Time And Money

If people clean their windows on a frequent basis, it will be easy to remove the dirt and grime. That’s because it won’t have had the chance to become entrenched. We mentioned that skylight windows can be hard to reach. The trouble is that if we ignore them for long enough, only a more expensive type of window cleaner will be able to remove the grime. Cleaning agents are cheap and available at most hardware shops and grocery stores. This is more economical than having to employ professional window cleaners to try and salvage them.

We preserve the heat efficiency of the windows

Any window that is smeared with dirt and other things will provide less sunlight indoors. A greater level of UV light will be manifested. It reduces the amount of heat provided by the sun. Long story short, our heating bills will go up.

Source: Window World of Little Rock, AR

We Preserve Our Air Quality And Health

When carpets are not regularly hoovered, they harbor untold amounts of dust and dirt. Every time people walk on them, small particles are pushed upwards into the room. It’s the same with the dust and debris on our windows. Mould and bacteria can also build up, releasing spores into the air.

When the air quality is poor we suffer the consequences as we breathe it in. Respiratory conditions can be provoked, including asthma. People experience such symptoms as sneezing and coughing or asthma attacks.

If a bathroom sink is never cleaned, we will be touching germs every time we come in contact with it. It’s the same with windows. Every time we open or close a window or touch the glass, we pollute our hands.

Humans need daily sunlight exposure for their mental health. That’s why every room should have a window. Such conditions as depression or SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) can be provoked by rooms that are dark. Let’s keep our windows clean, and maximize the sunlight that they can provide.

Source: Brow Windows

We Preserve The Life Of Our Windows

When we upgrade things in our home such as having a new kitchen, it can be quite exhilarating. It’s far less exciting when we simply replace a broken dishwasher or fridge. In these instances, we are ‘running to stand still’, simply paying out to replace like for like. It’s the same with our windows. It’s a grind having to replace them unless they are going to look radically better or different.

When uncleaned windows experience etching, it weakens the glass and makes it fragile. It’s easier to shatter poorly cleaned windows than those that have been correctly maintained. We mentioned some of the harmful elements earlier, but there are also such things as bark sap or hard water. It will often depend on where people live.

We have now seen a compelling case for looking after our windows. They range from aesthetics (looking nice from outdoors or indoors) to protecting and preserving them. Regular maintenance saves money and prevents irreversible damage. Our homes or workplaces can receive the maximum benefit of the sunlight, and our air quality and health can be preserved. Let’s steward our windows well, and reap the long term benefits.

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