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Protecting Yourself With These Reliable Tools

When you’re out and about, walking around cities and in public it’s not often you’ll think twice about protecting yourself. Most of the time your days will go by without a second thought and everything will seem safe and sound.

This can change with a singular experience and the thought of protecting yourself can become far more serious. There’s a fine line between self-defence and actually hurting someone for no reason and can end with consequences like jail time. So it’s important to understand the signs and know what kind of force you can use to be deemed reasonable in the realm of self-defence.

If you’re looking for some self-defence tools then look no further. Here we discuss some tools that are perfect for that exact situation.

Learn Self Defence

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The first thing to be said is if you can take the time to learn some kind of self-defence then it will be the best thing you can do for your own protection. Martial arts such as Karate, Ju-Jitsu, and Taekwondo teach self-discipline and give the ability to fight if needed. None of these disciplines are designed for out and out attack, instead, they’re designed to stop an attack and neutralise the enemy in a non-lethal way.

It can take some time to learn these martial art forms, but it’s worth it in the long run so it’s best to go to your local gym as soon as possible to get started.

When Non-Lethal Doesn’t Work

There are many different non-lethal ways to protect yourself in the event of an attack and we are going to go through them. But sometimes there are situations where they don’t work. Maybe your attacker is on drugs and appears immune to the pepper spray you’ve just unloaded in their face. Maybe they’re too strong for a novice martial artist to be effective.

In these situations having something that will enable you to at least get away will be the most effective. Something that will give a hard blow to stun your opponent will be the best in this situation. Concealed batons are good for this as they have more force when they are deployed and are concealable.

When looking at this site, the reviews explained that you’ll have explosive power in the palm of your hand. Exactly what’s needed when fighting off someone that overpowers you in the street. One hit will be enough to stun and give you enough time to get away.

Pepper Spray

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This is one of the more common choices of self-defence as it’s easy to use and tends to be non-lethal. It’s also very easy to conceal. When spraying a person that’s trying to attack, the active ingredient is fired out which tends to be from the chilli family.

When aimed at the nose and eyes it causes inflammation of the mucous membrane and leads to temporary blindness, pain, coughing and difficulty in breathing. This is the perfect time to make your getaway.

The effects of pepper spray last up to an hour so there will be no troubles in getting away from your attacker.


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To begin with, it’s important to understand that a taser is not the same as a stun gun. Taser devices are hugely effective at stopping a person in their tracks despite how large they may be. They use compressed gas to fire out two probes that will attach to the oncoming attacker. They will then fire a high voltage down the wires that last for 30 seconds.

It’s not enough to knock them out, but it’s certainly enough to get their attention. If you feel the need for a second hit, then click the trigger again and another 30 seconds will be fired into them. This voltage is usually enough for the attacker to think twice about coming at you again.

Tactical Pens

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For those that haven’t heard of these before, it’s time to be educated. Those that know about them understand the pain that can be handed out using one. You can use them in a variety of ways but essentially there is a hard point at the end of the pen that can be used with force to hit the attacker causing excruciating pain.

Strike the neck or the chest and you’ll find your attacker backing off quickly. Other good uses for a tactical pen include getting out a window quickly. Hit the edges of a window with the end and watch the entire window pane shatter, freeing your escape.

Hand Extras

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Whilst it’s important to remember you aren’t trying to injure the person attacking you to the point you leave them with life long problems and a lawsuit against you, getting them to stop attacking is still the most important thing. Brass knuckles slip over each of your fingers and create something very hard to strike an attacker. Most people will feel this much more than a punch and tend to back down pretty quickly.

However, not everyone is going to want to carry around brass knuckles, or knuckle dusters as they’re known. There are keychains you can purchase that act in a similar way and fit between your fingers adding an extra bang to your punch. They aren’t as lethal either, you aren’t putting keys through your fingers or hitting someone with a lump of metal.


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Pull a chain and have a very loud, ear-piercing sound emit from a small pocket alarm. This can be very off-putting for an attacker as it draws attention to the situation. Members of the public tend to know what the sound means and will come to help. The best situation is the attacker will run away.

Protecting yourself from attack is a stressful situation to be in, it’s best to be equipped if this ever happens. Learning self-defense is a fantastic way to begin with but it’s always a good idea to have something else up your sleeve. Concealed non-lethal weapons are the best bet as they won’t cause any long term damage to your attacker, as much as you may want to cause them damage, you don’t want to end up in jail. Think about your self-defense wisely.

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