My First Equestrian Setup – What Do You Need?

So, your first ever equestrian setup, what do you need? Well, we’ll have a quick run through of some of the basic stuff that you’ll need to get you started.

If you want to have a fun time on your horse then this is the guide that will help you build your first equestrian setup. It will also help you understand why you are buying one so that you will not end up spending more money in the future on equestrian equipment and accessories that you have no idea how to use. So, if you want to know what I suggest then this article will answer those questions.

When I bought my first horse, I had a very confusing, and somewhat disjointed first set up what do you need to get started? That was about ten years ago and the answers are not as clear today. There are many different ways that you can go about getting started. Here is what I recommend.

These two main items are probably the most vital. You’ll want to have a helmet and boots as well as a girth with a buckle and a stirrup, all of which will be suitable for all weather conditions. This will also make it much easier to walk on loose surfaces.

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Buy The Basic Equipment In A Variety Of Colors And Styles

A great place to start with your horses is to buy some of their basic equestrian equipment. I think you will find that these pieces of equipment are not particularly expensive. Some people use saddles that are considered tacky so don’t worry about this too much. You can also go ahead and buy the basic equipment in a variety of colors and styles.

Choose Good Quality Saddle

The next thing that you need to start out with is a good quality saddle. These saddles are typically made with soft leather. You will also find that some of the best saddles on the market today are made from synthetic leather. You should be sure to research the types of saddles that are available before making your final decision.

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Choose The Right Harness For Your Horse

A harness is usually needed along with the saddle. This is one of the most important pieces of equestrian equipment that you can have. Choosing the right one for your horse is very important.

Make Sure That You Get All Of The Pieces That You Need

Horse riding is a very important part time hobby. So you will want to make sure that you get all of the pieces that you need in order to make sure that you can perform well. When you do start out with this hobby, you will need to be willing to work at it. If you just jump right off the bat, then you will probably end up quitting after a few months because you don’t like working on it.

This is why it is important to keep at it. As long as you stick with it, you will end up with a horse riding hobby that you will look forward to. Check here for more information about the pieces you need in equestrian setup.

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Choose To Purchase A Bridle Or A Riding Saddle

Once you have all of your basic equestrian equipment together, you can then choose to purchase a bridle or a riding saddle. In addition to this, you will need to get a bridle if you plan on riding long distances or in more extreme weather conditions.

Consider Whether Or Not These Are Going To Be The Correct Size For Your Horse

The main reason why most people would want to purchase an equestrian saddle is for style. I know that these items do not make for the most comfortable horse to ride in and this is something that you will definitely want to be aware of when you are shopping around. You will also want to consider whether or not these are going to be the correct size for your horse.

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Get An Excellent Harness

One of the most important things that you need to have in order to make your riding experience a successful one is an excellent harness. It should be able to handle a number of weight classes so that you can get the best possible fit. It’s worth also having a safety harness on your horse because if the horse falls it’s often difficult to manoeuvre him back up. If you’re new to this then just invest in a basic harness – a simple harness or one with a rope attached to it will do perfectly.

Find The Right Type Of Harness And Make Sure That Is Comfortable For Your Horse

It is important to find the right type of harness for your horse and make sure that you pick one that is comfortable for your horse. There is no sense in trying to wear a harness that is too tight or too loose on your horse.

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This part-time hobby is something that many people enjoy doing. so it is important to make sure that you enjoy it. Don’t think that just because you don’t have much money, that you have to give up on it.

Your horse should have enough space to run around on a daily basis. It should be free from all sorts of obstacles such as fences, hedges, fences, etc. It should be able to go anywhere but you cannot ride on it. If it is not used to jumping then it will be a nuisance for you. If you have a small stable and a smaller stall, then this should not be a problem.

Finally, after learning the basics of riding, you should go for a ride with your horse on a riding range and you will see if it is the right horse for you. If it is, then you will want to join a riding club or a club that offers this kind of equestrian activity.

Remember that there is no need to give up your great hobby. It is important that you enjoy yourself and learn the ropes along the way so that you will be a better rider.

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