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Why Do You Need To Focus On Before Tax Preparation?

Paying tax nowadays can be a tiresome task. To do so you need to organize all your documents and receipts that are needed at the time of payment of your tax. You can even seek out the help of professional taxpayers to help you submit the tax. It is important to make sure that you have all details that are correct and accurate. Peter Diamond is such an example of a qualified and certified Tax Resolution specialist who offers services like accounting, real estate, and small business solutions.

Tips for preparing your tax

Source: Ferrells Tax Service

Select your tax preparer

The first task that you need to do is to find a suitable tax preparer for your work. To make sure that you are selecting the right person for this work, you need to check if he or she possesses a Preparer Tax Identification Number. This number assures that the person has the authority to create federal income tax returns.

You can even ask your advisors and friends about this. You should also gather all information about the fee that will be charged by the tax preparer. You should avoid connecting with any kind of company or firm that demands a share from your refund.

Fix an appointment

You should find a suitable tax preparer in the desired amount of time or else it will lead to delay in all kinds of procedures. You need to complete your return before 15 April. Delaying things will only result in a loss at your side.

Several opportunities like reduction in tax bills can be missed if you do not find a good preparer in time. try to keep all the documents ready and avail as many benefits as you can in due time.

Source: Benchmark Tax Solutions

Collect your documents

You should collect all the required documents from your employees and receipts from any kind of organization with who you are in collaboration with. Also, gather the paperwork related to banks or any other firms. Some of the common forms that are needed are:

  • If you had a job then the form needed is Form W2.
  • Form 1099-DIV is required which can provide reports on dividends or income received from any such kind of category.
  • Form 1099-INT is required for showing interests.
  • If you have paid any kind of mortgage interest then Form 1098 is required.
  • In case of reports needed for profit and loss on any security transactions, Form 1099-B is required.
  • In case the non-employer compensation has been paid to independent contractors, Form 1099-MISC is required.

Keep your personal information ready

You should be aware of your social security number as well as about the social security number of the person on whom your claim is dependent. In case you bought a property and sold it later, then you need to remember the price that you paid for buying the property and the amount that you got after selling the property.

These are the tiny details that may be needed by your tax preparer. You can ask him in advance that else will he need so that you don’t get into the rush at the moment of settling all the information.

Source: Bookkeeping Arlington VA

Decide for extension

In case, you need some extended time for performing all the tasks and gathering every relevant information that will prove out to be beneficial for you while paying the tax, you can request an extension till 15 October.

However, your request for extension should be submitted by July 15. Once this is done, you need to pay the required taxes in that much duration to stay protected from the imposition of any kind of penalties and interests.

Keep a copy of last year’s returns

If you are in connection with the same preparer with whom you were earlier the there is a possibility that he has an idea about all your documents and even has a copy of them. But if you are going with someone new, then you need to maintain a copy of the previous year’s returns so that you and your preparer do not miss out on anything.

It will be beneficial in looking at things like charitable deductions. You can also have a look at the previous year’s financial statements. Do check if you have received the same number of 1099 forms from the institutions and banks with whom you have connections. Keeping good records while working with a tax preparer will lead to working smoothly and will even save your time.

Source: Consumer Reports

Prepare for the year coming ahead

The modifications that you were not able to make should be made next year. You should make sure whether the information saved in 1099 forms is correct. W-4 information of employees should be updated from time to time. You should keep track of all kinds of expenses, be it related to the field of entertainment, travel, or automobile.

You should consult with your tax preparer now and then to avoid any kind of penalties on your side. You should contact him while purchasing or selling any kind of asset and make sure that it will not cause any kind of issue at the time of tax payment.

Ideally, you should not indulge yourself in any kind of unnecessary purchases. You should stay updated about facts that can aid you in the process of tax reduction.


Before preparing for payment of taxes, you should keep in mind all these points so that you do not commit any kind of mistake and indulge yourself in any kind of scam. Missing out on any of these tips can lead to severe results.

You need to maintain a proper record if you want to avail of the possible benefits of tax reduction. You should be able to look out for ways that promote your and your family’s well being.

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