Top 5 Benefits of Lifter Strain CBD

Although there are many people enjoy the psychoactive effects offered by the THC cannabis strains, more and more people are recognizing the advantage of CBD (cannabidiol) strains. For some, CBD has become an important factor when choosing what kind of cannabis, they prefer.

The difference between CBD dominant strains and classical cannabis is in the fact that CBD strains have approximately 0.2% of THC. This means that using CBD will result in less psychoactive effects (changing the time and space perception, euphoria, disorientation, etc.).

Today’s market in general offers a variety of CBD dominant strains, that are legal in most of the states (if not all) due to low THC content.

CBD dominant strains can also result in different moods than cannabis. For example, one of the top 8 legal strains is the Lifter, which as the name says, gives the feeling of elevated mood (for more information about its aroma, taste and effects click here) while at the same time offering you a sense of ease and relaxation. Here are some of the benefits of this particular strain.

Source: CBD Testers

1. Low Level of THC

What is so good about the CBD dominant strains in general? If you ask the farmers, they will tell you that this is the most valuable part of the hemp plant.

CBD is the abbreviation for “cannabidiol”, or oil derived from cannabis. It is one of the hundred components that are in cannabis (marihuana), but has no psychoactive effect, in other words – you cannot “get high” by using CBD. It is also the essential component of medical marihuana, gained from the industrial hemp flower.
Unlike THC, CBD does not show potential for addiction or misuse of any kind.

Lifter strain CBD generally contains 12 – 25% of CBD (cannabidiol) and 0.3 delta nine THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

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2. Premium Genetics

Before we start stating further benefits of the Lifter strain CBD, let’s mention it origin. Lifter strain genetically origins from two Oregon states-based plants:

1. Souver Haze – very famous among the hemp farmers for its easy cultivation. Flavorful, rich with fruity and pepper fragrance, which is something also detectable in the Lifter. Its effects on the mood are mainly the feeling of meditative relaxation and lucid calmness, inherited also by the Lifter.
2. Early Resin Berry – with skunky flavor and always appreciated the effect of calmness.

By crossing these two plants, Lifter CBD was born.

Source: FoodNavigator-LATAM

3. Staggering Aroma All-natural Energy Boost

The most outstanding element of the Lifter strain is its fragrance since it is alleviating to the olfactory nerve.

Smelling it resembles smelling a bark of a tree or grass, with some fruity undercurrents. Like its aroma, the taste is additionally extremely fulfilling as it takes after the flavor of tropical organic products with a hint of blueberry enchant. Sufficiently genuine, its scent and flavor will leave you needing more.

The essentially long buds of the Lifter have a shred-like appearance, giving it an extraordinary generally look. The shade of this hemp strain is olive green with some earthy colored hints. By looking at it intensively, you will likewise observe a few sprinkles of purple. Due to its high creation of trichomes, the lifter flaunts a cold appearance.

The Lifter strain CBD plentiful highlights that are altogether charming to the faculties are because of its strong hereditary profile.

Source: Cheyenne Mountain Seed Company

4. Enhanced Focus and Concentration

As the name itself proposes, Lifter attempts to help improve your general demeanor to offer ascent to a solid feeling of prosperity. The CBD strain was created to help the weights of pressure and strain, both regarding perception and physical wellbeing. The outcome is an overwhelming feeling of quiet that doesn’t support you to rest, permitting you to approach your day without the additional weight of mental pressure and physical distress.

Quick-acting, the Lifter strain has gotten the most affection among clients who need the prompt advantages of CBD versus the difficulties of the day by day life. If you are experiencing situations where your focus needs to be razor-sharp and concentration on the high level, then Lifter can help you and make sure after stress effects are avoided. The impacts of the strain are practically momentary and produce a sentiment of meditative quiet immediately.

The body is placed into a casual condition of consistent pace efficiency, after only a few tokes, due to the cannabinoids in the strain.

No wonder it is one of the most loved strains amongst the cannabis connoisseurs who practice using it during the day.

Source: Pathways Pain Relief

5. Natural Solution for Chronic Pain

As was mentioned earlier, by using CBD one cannot “get high”. And since using the oil gained from cannabis has been known to reduce the effects of chronic pain caused by certain diseases, by influencing endocannabinoid receptor activity, Lifter strain can offer you an alternative to using synthetic medications. Side-effects caused by different substances in synthetic medications are known to be quite frequent, so using an all-natural alternative can prevent other illnesses from appearing elsewhere.

Besides offering a solution for acute pain, it is widely used for inflammation treatment. It gives a potential solution for many conditions caused by inflammatory diseases.

To prove this, there countless reviews written by people who have tried it. Some even referred to its benefit on those who suffer from respiratory illnesses. People who had low oxygen saturation and tried Lifter, have witnessed their saturation is increased significantly. Certain parts of the Lifter have bactericidal properties.

It is also widely known that sedative medication causes deep addiction where people are losing the ability to even reach a state calmness without using them. This leads to depression, insomnia, and many other complicated states such as psoriasis, diabetes, high blood pressure. Using Lifter can get you in a state of calmness without any side-effects.

Above all, it is important to once again point out that Lifter strain CBD will not cause addiction of any kind, as opposed to medications.

As it was mentioned in the beginning, Lifter strain has made it to the top 8 hemp flower strains, lining up next to Electra, cherry wine, and sweet premium. This makes it something you simply ought to try if you’re a hemp lover.

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