Why Having a Rich Vocabulary Makes All the Difference

Without an understanding of language, we cannot communicate, express ourselves, or understand others. Vocabulary is a fundamental part of life that, if it were not for, we would be lost. Vocabulary is important for every single field of study in the world, from mathematics to science. Without it, there would be no reading and writing, nor speaking, and all of these skills are necessary to excel in this world. Research studies have suggested students need to see, read, and interact with a word at least five to seven times before it is included in their long-term memory.

Having a rich vocabulary can benefit you in many ways, and this page will hope to tell you a few of those. The best time to learn a rich vocabulary is in your youth, as when you grow older, it becomes more difficult and your memory begins to fail you. Begin learning, adapting, and cultivating your vocabulary throughout your youth and into your twenties if you want the best chance at boasting a rich and extensive vocabulary. With perseverance and determination, it can easily be done. And, while it may seem difficult, is most certainly achievable.

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1. Scrabble

While this may not seem like a conventional reason one may require an extensive vocabulary, it certainly is. Scrabble is a renowned word-based game in which people create words with tiles for points. It requires you to unscramble jumbles of words, something that can only be done if your vocabulary is extensive. Aside from winning in the game, the professionals of explain how learning words is also just a scramble away, as unscrambling can lead to learning new words and expanding your vocabulary. It is always good to have an extensive vocabulary so that you are prepared for any situation that may come your way and will be able to react properly.

2. Intelligence

A rich vocabulary is often the sign of somebody who is highly intelligent. Those who do not have rich vocabularies and those who fail to understand words from their own language will frequently be labelled stupid or simple. If you want to appear to have a rich intellect, a rich vocabulary is definitely the solution for you. As humans, we have a tendency to judge people on their outward attributes, and if somebody has a poor vocabulary and does not pronounce their words properly, we are very likely to judge them and consider them to be less than us.

To give yourself the most educated outward appearance, learn a rich vocabulary, and pronounce the words properly. Pronunciation cannot be stressed enough; you may know every single word and synonym in the entire English language, if you cannot pronounce the words, you will be considered a fool. Pronunciation is a very important part of a language. By not pronouncing the word properly, you are not doing it its justice, nor are you respecting it. Work on your pronunciation always and ensure that you are not massacring the words that you are saying.

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3. Education

There is so much more to vocabulary than outward intellect. Learning words from your language that are not often spoken, whether obscure or archaic, is a fantastic way to learn the history of your people. Words are fascinating and are so much more than they appear superficially. Learning words will benefit you massively and will allow you to properly understand the history of your people and where you have come from. Our languages are so rich and diverse and have changed so much over hundreds and thousands of years. Learning your language extensively is something you must do both for you, and those who came before you.

4. Communication

An extensive vocabulary is crucial to being able to communicate with everybody from all walks of life. It is often the case that we can communicate with some, but not all. Vocabulary acquisition will give you the opportunity to communicate with anyone who comes across you. Having an extensive vocabulary does not just mean spouting out long, hard to understand words, it is also being able to easily break down what you are trying to say into layman’s terms, which is something our intellects seem to have trouble with doing.


5. Skills

Having an extensive vocabulary will allow you to learn other skills, as well. Some books and skills are written in such archaic or hard to understand language that you would need to have a dictionary next to you all day were you to truly understand exactly what was being written. Having an extensive vocabulary means you can get straight into the book without a dictionary and understand everything that you are reading without a problem. Vocabulary acquisition opens up the door for many new skills and allows you to learn things that you would otherwise not be able to.

6. Cycle of Learning

The more you know, the more you will want to learn. Vocabulary acquisition will fuel your thirst for knowledge. By learning a few words, you will want to learn more, and more. The cycle of learning will feed more and more words into your vocabulary until you have conquered your language. From there, you may even want to learn another language and conquer that too. Learning can become almost like an addiction for some people, and the reward that you feel within yourself after learning is a feeling unrivalled. The cycle of learning will go on and on, you just have to get the ball rolling.


7. Reading

Most of the most famed literature of the last two-hundred years is written in hard to understand and archaic language. Having a good understanding of vocabulary will allow you to read these books and enjoy them without the need for constant translation, nor will you need to consult your dictionary. Great works of fiction will no longer be a chore to you, but rather, a pleasure. Reading is a door unlocked by the key, vocabulary. Reading can also benefit your vocabulary massively.

Now, with the help of this page, you should understand the importance of vocabulary acquisition. You can conquer your language with a little determination, so why wait any longer? Get started today!

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