5 Reasons to Visit Alicante, Spain

If you want to immerse yourself in a fantastic culture, meet new people, or simply have a fun and fantastic time, Alicante is the place for you.

In this article, we list down the reasons you should visit Alicante for a fantastic trip.

But first, we’ll help you find your way to Alicante and get around the city. Read on!

Where is Alicante?

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Alicante is a city on the southeastern coast of Spain and Costa Blanca. It’s 419.1 kilometers southeast of Madrid.

You can try various public and private services to get to and from Alicante airport.

From this place, you can ride the tram rail services that reach different cities, such as Elche or Orihuela.

The road and motorways are also free and safe. Drivers are not aggressive, and gas prices are cheaper than in many other European cities.

The best choice, if you want to enjoy the time traveling and getting around, is to rent a car.

Prices are competitive and you can find many rental companies, such as

Now that that’s out of the way, here are the reasons you should be in this place right now.

1. Mesmerizing Beaches

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Costa Blanca, where this city is, is famous for its magnificent beaches. It boasts more than 200 kilometers of coastline that attracts millions of visitors each year.

Marvel at the golden sand, hidden coves, and blissful bays. Enjoy the vibrant colors that attract visitors from all over the world.

Here are some of the beaches/resorts you shouldn’t miss when you visit Alicante.

  • Benidorm – a bustling holiday resort-town that houses two of the best Spanish beaches you’ll ever find: the Levante and Poniente beaches.
  • San Juan de Alicante – a fabulous central beach with fine, golden sand sitting just 250 kilometers from Alicante airport.
  • La Granadella – located in Javea resort, this award-winning Spanish beach is a picturesque horseshoe bay with clear waters, jagged cliffs, and pine trees.

2. Food and Drinks

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You’re sure to stumble upon some delectable treats when you travel here.

The city is close to the Mediterranean sea, has deep historical ties to the Muslim culture, and sports a fertile surrounding. So, it’s no surprise the food is also diverse and all delicious.

If you want to try Alicante’s food, here are some you shouldn’t pass up on:

  • Paella Alicantina – paella with saffron rice, red peppers, shellfish, and chicken.
  • Arroz a la Banda – rice dish stewed with fish stock served separately from the seafood.
  • Arroz con Costa – rice dish covered with a baked egg crust
  • Calamares Rellenos – a local version of stuffed squid.
  • To accompany the food, Alicante also sports a selection of drinks you ought to try, such as:
  • Horchata de Chufas – a sweet, aromatic drink from tiger nuts.
  • Fondillon – traditional sweet wine specialty only available in Alicante.

After the drinks, you can enjoy sweets and desserts, of which Alicante also has a lot to offer.

3. Picture-Perfect Sceneries and Artistic Museums

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The relaxation and fun at the seaside and the restaurants are just the tips of the iceberg. Explore deeper into Alicante, and you’ll discover more breathtaking picture-perfect places.

Many of these places also have historical significance. So when you go here, make sure you visit:

  • Castle of Santa Barbara – a vast, monumental fortress of Arab origins looming over the city.
  • Casco Antiguo – the old part of the city sprawled beneath the castle with steep streets and stairways between high walls.
  • Basilica de Santa Maria – the oldest and most beautiful church in the city that sits at the foot of a mountain with somber-looking twin towers, one built in the 1300s, and the other in the 1800s.

If you love art and want to explore the artistic side of the city, you’ll love the following museums that carry Alicante’s story and culture within them:

  • Archaeological Museum of Alicante – enjoy fascinating collections of prehistoric and ancient artifacts exhibited in a uniquely modern way.
  • Alicante Bonfire Museum – admire the impressive sample of the city’s most representative festival, the Bonfires of San Juan.
  • Alicante Museum of Contemporary Art – explore the oldest civil building that dates back to 1685 and houses 20th-century arts, including works by Picasso, Dali, and Chillida.

4. Port-City Climate

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Thanks to it being a port city and its coastal connections, Alicante locals and tourists enjoy a great climate, which only adds to its appeal as a fantastic travel destination.

Sea breezes temper hot summers. Winters are mild while autumns are warm. Spring sees the sun always shining bright daily.

The clear skies captivate visitors by illuminating the sea blues and palm tree greens. Fine sands shine their golden sparkle under the sun.

A truly continental getaway, temperatures have an average high of 30.9 Celsius during August and an average low of -1.6 Celsius in January.

5. Fantastic Culture and People

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Alicante fully embraces cultures from around the world. Thanks to the city’s coastal connections, it’s one of the tourists’ most favorite, safest international cities in Europe.

People enjoy quaint cafes, restaurants, galleries, museums, and beaches.

But the city also hosts international events, like the Volvo Ocean Race, where yachts from around the world race against each other every four years.

Further, the city loves festivals, so you will never run out of something to celebrate when you visit Alicante.


  • The Carnival – happens across Spain between February and March. The city comes alive in dancy street parties and festivities, parade after parade.
  • Christmas Period – a fantastic time for the whole family to buy and give gifts, enjoy outdoor activities for kids, attend concerts, explore markets, watch races, and more.
  • Fogueres de San Juan – or the Bonfires of San Juan; the largest festival in Alicante filled with fireworks, firecrackers, and, of course, bonfires.

Ready to Visit Alicante?

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Popular for these many reasons, Alicante is something that both Spain and international travelers treasure. It’s a holiday destination that best showcases the Spanish culture.

From the breathtaking golden-sand beaches to the historical architecture and buildings to the fine cuisine and cultural festivities, you’ll never run out of reasons to visit this wonderful city.

Are you ready for your trip?

Have a fun and memorable time!

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