Top 7 Poker Movies of All-Time

Hollywood, like with many things, just couldn’t miss the opportunity to make movies about it, and oh boy they paid off – poker became well known and famous because of some of these movies. Sometimes it was just in key scenes, and sometimes the whole movie revolved around it – and for a good reason.

Poker is a game with lots of risks and suspense, perfect for driving the plot and making any story more interesting. Here are the top 7 movie picks every poker lover needs to watch today!

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Why is Poker So Popular?

First of all, we need to dive deep and ask why is poker so iconic in the first place, why are so many people drawn to it? Experts from 188spesial state how this game is full of adrenaline, ups and downs, and fun times – it’s what drives the player to come back every time. It’s just a fun time to spend with your friends, regardless if you are a beginner or a veteran. Poker is pretty forgiving and it can be easily learned, so a lot of people can do it for fun with their friend group!

7. California split

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Starting off with a bang – this 1974 American comedy is a perfect way to get yourself into the poker world with ease. Directed by Robert Altman, this story follows an unusual pair of friends portrayed by actors Elliot Gould and George Segal. They bond over their shared passion for playing poker, and the plot starts to unfold when they get wrongfully accused of cheating during a poker night by a fellow player. This acts as the start of an interesting friendship between the two men, leading to all sorts and kinds of adventures and mischief waiting on them along the way. Regardless if you are a poker player yourself, or just want to watch a fun movie – this is the perfect one for you!

6. Mississippi grind

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If older movies just aren’t your cup of tea but still want to watch a fun movie about poker, Mississippi grind is the pick for you. The portrayal of how much poker can consume a soul is perfectly shown in this modern drama starring a well-known actor Ryan Reynolds in it! Not only is it a movie about the highs and lows of poker, but it’s also a movie about adventure, taking risks, and chasing the bigger catch. The story follows two poker loving men who indulge in a road trip in hopes of winning a huge prize. See where their optimistic and hopeful spirit leads them, the adventure is out there!

5. Molly’s game

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This phenomenal movie, directed by the legendary Aaron Sorkin portrays a story about a young woman, who ran underground, glamorous, and high-stake poker nights for years before finally being arrested. The movie shows just how high-end and exclusive a game of poker can be, with players such as professional athletes and A list celebrities. But the most interesting part is that this movie was inspired by true events and a real person called Molly Bloom, nicknamed ‘’Poker Princess’’. Aaron Sorkin perfectly grasps all the glitz and glamour, but also everything that was going on behind the scenes with his screenwriting and directing, while the amazing actress Jessica Chastain sells the illusion perfectly.

4. Maverick

Source: The Michigan Daily

If you are a fan of costumes, adventures, and poker – this western comedy is just the thing for you! The story follows Mel Gibson as Brett Maverick, thus the name of the movie Maverick, a notorious poker player and a con artist who scams people to get into a prestigious poker tournament. The trouble soon finds him after he meets a lot of different characters and indulges in different adventures along the way. This 1994 movie isn’t for anyone, it’s not even that serious, but sometimes a western poker-loving movie with a dash of comedy and wittiness is all you need!

3. Oceans Eleven

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This iconic 2001 movie portrays a perfect money crazed adventure, with it’s A list cast consisting of respected actors such as George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, and last but not least Brad Pitt. This movie has lots and lots of fun behind the scenes moments and facts that make the whole thing more interesting. The story follows a group of con artists who team up to make the biggest heist of their lives – robbing a famous Las Vegas casino. Every group member has their own special talent that helps them brew the perfect plan for the heist. What can go wrong…or right…watch and find out how that turns out!

2. The Cincinnati Kid

Source: The Cincinnati Kid

This 1965 hit movie became one of the classic poker movies out there. Starring Steve McQueen as a young poker player in New Orleans and the plot unfolds when he challenges a well-known poker champion for a game. Set in the 1930s, the story follows the Cincinnati Kid and his journey and optimism as he bites more than he can chew. Will he beat all the obstacles and finally be something more than a local poker player on the street, or will he lose everything, even more than he had before – find out as you watch Kid battle everything that comes his way, while sometimes intentionally making mistakes and falling into trouble! Either way, it’s a classic movie, worth watching, even if it’s just for the 30s aesthetic and poker!

1. Rounders

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The first place on this list has to go to the iconic 1998 movie called Rounders. This hit is directed by John Dahl and is starring well-respected actors such as Matt Damon and Edward Norton. This movie became a well known classic and a must-watch for every poker enthusiast. The story follows a young man called Mike McDermott, portrayed by Matt Damon, as he embarks on a journey at the underground poker scene to collect some money for his friend, who is in deep debt. This isn’t exactly a glamorous portrait of a gambler, but rather a real one, as Mike dives deeper and deeper into the poker madness, putting at stake everything he values important to him. But all and all, that’s what makes this movie great, it’s not perfect, but it sure gives the viewer an inside glimpse of what that world can look like.

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