Understanding Different Types and Versatile Uses of Bifolding Doors

If you check out the market, you will come across many different varieties of folding doors. These days, builders and homeowners are opting for the bifold door because they are far more superior in many ways when compared to the old types.

Bi-fold doors

These bi-fold doors are quite a popular sight nowadays, and you can find them installed in many new houses. These types of doors are not only a perfect way to get lots of natural light. They also can create a nice visual and physical link to your outdoor space. They make homes and offices look ultra-modern.

By using these bi-fold doors, you can create more space in a very simple way. Even for smaller homes, they add a sense of extra space. Besides new home construction, they are also used on old door renovations.

Most homeowners always think of maximizing the glazing space in their homes, as it increases the natural light and flow of air to the interiors. Well, lit homes are proven to provide positive effects on our health and wellbeing. They help in keeping many health-related issues at bay.

It is a bit difficult to decide on what kind of bi-fold doors will make the best choice for your homes, as they are available in many types and materials. Below mentioned are few important points that can help you choose your best options for your customized needs:

Operating system

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Few different varieties of bi-fold doors

In the market, you can find many different varieties of bi-fold doors. Each of them can work in a different manner. Bi-fold doors are perfect for closets and cupboards. Occasionally, they are also used as dividers to create two partitions to big sized rooms. You can create a home office inside your big master bedroom without doing too much construction work.

All bi-fold doors generally consist of two sets of doors that are connected together by using hinges. As the doors are opened, they will fold back by themselves for saving space and providing access.

You can also use multiple bi-fold doors at a time, which means that you will find two sets of folding types of doors or four-door panels in total. For closets, this can be ideal for big door frames. It is much better if you have four smaller doors instead of 2 larger ones.

The following are a few popular varieties of bi-fold doors that are available. You can visit the BifoldingDoorFactory.co.uk website to check out the latest designs and types. They are an approved fabricator of bi-folding doors in the UK.

Room dividers

In most cases, you will get bi-fold doors that are fitted with glass, which are called French bi-fold doors. They are suitable for a number of different uses. The most common use of any French bi-fold door is for making room dividers for splitting a room into two separate sections. You cannot make French doors or buy them off their shelf. You will need to ask for a customized solution with your seller.

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Closet doors

Another common application of bi-fold doors is for the closets or doors for the pantry. In such a case, bi-fold doors are usually made out of louvered doors or solid wood panels. Typically, closet doors have two sets of 2 doors but can be customized as per the specific dimension requirements.

Flat-panel doors

These flat panel doors are also another popular variety of bi-fold doors. They are made of flat wooden panels and can always be purchased as off the shelf item or can be made to measure. Also, flat-panel bi-fold doors will be suitable for application as pantry doors or closets and occasionally used as room dividers too.

Raised panel doors

These bi-fold doors usually are made with a number of solid wood sections. A router will be used for giving detail to a few pieces of wooden panels. Normally, raised panel doors are used for making the closet doors. They offer a modern look when they are finished in white.

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Bi-folding doors having access doors

These doors can be used as small access doors. It is typically used for easing the movement between rooms in the home, for more convenience. An access door will function in a similar way that any standard internal door may work.

This leaf will open independent of rest bi-folding door sets and will allow you to make quick and free movement from one room to the other. Access doors can always be fitted on either side of the opening. They are configured for opening in any preferred direction.

Selecting the best material for bi-fold doors

The material used in your bi-fold doors will play a very big role in the overall appearance of your room. While purchasing, it is important to know about their installation, maintenance, and cost of materials.

Get a minimum of 3 offers and compare the quality of material, particularly for aluminum or timber. Both these allow easy installation, and you can complete the project in a short time.

Aluminum – Aluminium bi-fold doors are versatile as aluminum is strong and also of lightweight composition. Aluminum is also a great choice for contemporary-style homes because they will come in very slim frames.

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Few benefits include

Durable and long-lasting

Easy to maintain

Slimmer and sleek looking

Long-lasting powder-coated finish

Are made wider as compared to timber doors

More finishing options for your frames, including an array of color choices

Wood – Engineered timbers can be an ideal choice because they have more dimensional stability as compared to solid timber doors. You can get softwood products at lower prices than hardwood. However, the lower-end models are prone to damages when they are exposed to moisture and heat. Also, they need periodic painting or varnishing for maintaining their appearance.

If you need something else besides aluminum and timber bi-folds, you can also opt for composite material. It will usually be made with aluminum frames with wooden panels. They look really classy and add to the aesthetics of your homes.

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