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5 Myths of Bad Luck in Online Sports Betting

It’s not a a secret that sports and superstition go hand in hand. It has been like that since the beginning of sports. We all know about those famous superstitions like Michael Jordan’s NCU shorts he wore under his jersey during NBA games or Rafael Nadal’s precise bottle placement and hair tucking before the serve. People tend to create this superstitions and myths about how things must look or how they should be done in order for everything to go according to the plan. Well, since sports betting and sports are closely connected, even things like myths and superstitions have translated to from sports to sports betting. Today, we are going to talk about some bad luck omens and myths that are present in betting. Stay tuned, we have a really interesting list ahead of us. So, without further ado, let’s start right away.

1. Don’t bet on matches that are not during the same day

One of the most common myths, that people believe bring bad luck to the player, is that if you place a bet on a game, which is not on the same day as the rest of the games on your ticket, it will bring you bad luck. We’re not sure how this originated, but, it probably had something to do with someone correctly guessing the all of the games and then failing to predict the outcome of the game that was played tomorrow. Of course, this is just a guess. However, there is no real evidence to support this so-called theory about how you should place your bets. There’s not a single rule or a recurring event that makes that a true statement. Most football leagues have games all over the weekend, with the majority of the games being on Saturday, with a few matches being divided between Friday and Sunday. The only thing that’s stopping you from betting on all of them is impenitence. It could be overwhelming waiting for that last match to be played on Sunday, but this seems like the only reasonable argument to support this one-day theory.

Source: Esports Insider

2. If you make a mistake while betting, it’s meant to be

What this means is if you’ve accidentally clicked on a draw instead of a win for the home team while you were composing a ticket on www.ufa.bet, it’s not a mistake, it’s a sign from the universe that that is what’s going to happen and you should by no means change it. Well, without being too harsh on this, let’s dissect this myth a little bit. Let’s say you’re betting on a basketball game between Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks. Lakers are the #1 team in the NBA, and the Knicks, far away from their semi-glory days, are in the bottom three on the standings. Lakers are healthy, LeBron is in the zone and they have a 15 game winning streak (we’ll touch on this in a minute) and the Knicks are, well just Knicks. So, you go and visit the site and you accidentally click on the Knicks. Do you really feel like the universe is trying to tell you that the Knicks will be the ones to snap a Lakers’ winning streak? I don’t know about you, but I’ll make sure to correct that and bet on the Lakers.

3. ‘They have to lose sometimes’

One of the common betting assumptions is loosely based on the premise that everything has to come to an end. To be completely honest, this is not that far-fetched and it is a logical way of thinking if we assume that everything has a beginning and the end, but let’s not become too ‘Dark’ about it. This is a very applicable myth to the previous example we’ve set with the Lakers and the Knicks. We tend to assume that all good things must come to an end, therefore, the winning team must lose sometimes. So, that makes people start betting against it as soon as the streak gets kind of long. To be fair, the odds against them start rising a bit after a while, which is also tempting, because, let’s face it, the loss is bound to happen, but still, it’s more likely to come from the hands of Clippers or Celtics rather than the Knicks. So, even this is somewhat correct, it doesn’t mean that anyone will do it. Be smart – don’t just blindly follow this myth!

Source: gamblingsites

4. Betting on a team you’re a fan of will bring bad luck

How did this come to exist, we’re not really sure. Could be that someone wanted their team to win and for himself to cash in a little bit and when that didn’t happen he just decided that that’s just too much of a good fortune for a single man. Be that as it may, there’s absolutely no reason for you not to place a wager on your team or the guy or girl you’re rooting for if you think he, she or they are going to win. After all, it’ll be just a bonus reason to celebrate the victory. On the other hand, you could bet on the opponent and then get some satisfaction from either the possibility. But, that’s not really a win/win situation, you’ll probably be sad either way, because, if your team wins and you lose a bet you’ve wasted money and if they lose and you win a little something, you’ll still be sad they lost. So, more of a lose/lose situation if you ask us.

5. Bet on the same teams all the time

This one is kind of similar to the ‘they have to lose sometimes’ myth. What this means is, make sure you decide on some teams beforehand and just keep on repeating the bets. It’s bound to happen sometimes, right? Not really, no. People tend to create systems they think are foul-proof and jinx free and somehow they feel that they fit into some statistical scheme and what-not, but in reality,  that’s nothing more than a simple myth. Sure, it could happen, but even if it would, it’d just be by chance, not by some non-existent law of being consistent.

Now, you may have been expecting some no betting while wearing red or don’t cross your feet when betting on soccer because then the players will play clumsy stuff, but those are not that common, we’d hope so. Hopefully, this was entertaining and kind of informative, so next time you do your online betting be sure to forget about these and DON’T forget about matching green socks, right? Just kidding, play smart and superstition free.

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