7 Tips to Becoming a Better Lover

So, you are a lover looking for tips to become a better lover, right? While there exists a ton of love quotes, love advice, and some other Mojo Jojo on the same topic, you’ll want to prove your worth to the person that you claim to love. Everyone wants to be loved and it’s that feeling that helps to make the world a lovable habitation.

Truth be told, if you love the other person, you’ll want to treat them right at all times. You’ll never want to keep apologizing for errors you keep repeating on foolish mistakes that are not worth remembering. Being better at life is an aspect that should not only come naturally, but it’s also a god-given gift. But to help you become a better lover, below are tips to go by in your love life. They include:


1. Show Up!

Guys, this is unsolicited advice, ensure that you always please your woman no matter the weather. This is an important element in whatever relationship you are involved in and get it from us, rising to the occasion is quite loveable and appreciated by girls all over the world. The people behind Male Extra explained that a supplement could help you get your groove on and work wonders in your bedroom life. It is also important to practice caution whenever you are using enhancers to please your better half. You need a standing ovation if you are to please your better half! However, this calls for the following:

  • Watch your diet as not all the foods will support a strong erection
  • Drink alcohol in moderation
  • Keep your testosterone levels in check
  • Kegel exercises work wonders
  • Exercise regularly
  • Maintain a healthy waistline
  • Try external tools such as adjustable ball rings as well as solid ball rings

2. Work on Your Daily Routines

Your daily routines could mean the difference between a healthy relationship and one that you always get scolded for. By this, it means adjusting some of your established patterns to make room for your better half. This is especially the case if you have been in a long term relationship and really want to take things to the next level. This could mean anything between flower days, massage days, a day in the spa, or a walk in the park. Also, talking to your partner about wearing sexy lingerie could be a game-changer. There are a lot of options here, and this can motivate you to be a better lover and break a daily routine. It can be quite a turn-on when you see your partner wearing thongs, or stockings, for instance. If you are looking for a sexy lingerie selection, check out, and you may find what you are looking for.

Creating the time to please your loved one will not only mean the world to them, but it will also help to show that you care.


3. Love Positions

Hey, there’s a good reason Kamasutra remains to be a favorite among lovers. He came up with so many love positions that you should try in the bedroom to keep your love life sparkling. It’s not that everyone wants to see fireworks coming out of your bedroom, but pleasing your better half in unexplainable ways could help rekindle broken ties and mend a dwindling love. There are so many love positions that you could try out and have fun while at it. Don’t shy out from making love in the kitchen, in the bathroom, or in the living room area. If your girl wants to be on top, let her be the cowgirl you’ve always wanted. You can take it further and have an open relationship if your partner is up for it. However, practice caution while engaging in certain relationships.

4. Explore

It’s not a secret that there are, as earlier mentioned, open relationships that could help to enrich your love life. But before you get to the exploring part, ensure that you’ll communicate it to your lover and if they are not up to it, call it quits! It could also mean engaging in erotic activities that you have never tried such as foreplay, gentle touches, love bites, kissing, or exploring sensitive skin areas. These are but some of the things you could try to arouse your partner.


5. A Flower a Day Keeps the Cheater Away!

Don’t take it literally, but bringing your love a flower each day could be the key to unlock hidden passions. On your way home from work, buy your lover a chocolate bar, stuffed animals, sexy lingerie, a rose, or candy. This could help to silence any cheaters wanting to devour your healthy relationship.

6. Keep the Compliments Going

As a great lover that you claim to be, you should not only appreciate your partner but it’s also important that you complement them as well. They have gaffes that you’ll want to ignore, especially when you want to hit the sheets. At the end of the day, its the thank you that you said in the morning, the sorry after wronging them, and the stupid jokes that you make that will guarantee a successful relationship. These are things that count in a solid relationship.


7. Don’t Watch Porn!

While it might seem okay to watch porn either alone or with your partner, this is a habit that will ruin your relationship. Watching all those sex positions or feeding your sex cravings with porn will get you nowhere. There are so many ways that pornography could ruin your relationship and you don’t want to be the guinea pig. Having a mutual understanding with your partner concerning your sex life is all that it takes to keep off from unhealthy sexual thirsts. Also, you need to have a healthy mindset concerning your relationship. Here’s how pornography affects healthy relationships:

  • Pornography is addictive and will escalate to levels that will eventually hurt you
  • You already have someone special in your life, why go the extra mile to lust for characters who are faking orgasms?
  • Pornography has been associated with violent behaviors
  • It’s not an honest endeavor, especially while in a long term relationship
  • It eats up your time
  • It robs you of your self-control

As you can see, being a better lover doesn’t take much. It all requires your consideration, understanding, and a heart that cares about your partner. This could mean anything between passion, letting go of past mistakes, and appreciating what you have. The above points will help to bring back the sparks in your relationships and allow you to become a better partner.

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