9 Unexpected Ways to Improve Your Gaming Experience

Gaming was once resigned to arcades and arcade machines in shop fronts. It is now something widely considered to be a hobby and something accessible all over the world. Gaming can, for many, be a full-time job; this page will hope to tell you nine unexpected ways that you can improve your gaming experience. As gaming is a hobby, it should be no surprise there are many accessories and additions you can add to your gaming collection to improve your experience and have more fun and immersive time. Here are nine unexpected ways of improving your gaming experience!

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1. Customized Playmats

While a large part of this article will be designed around digital gamers – they are certainly not the only gamers found. Card games are still very popular – and battle tournaments still take place. According to the experts at, there is no better way to face your opponent in a gaming tournament than with your own custom playmats; they scream how serious you take the gaming experience and express you are an indomitable adversary, and one to be feared. A customized gaming playmat could definitely be a way to psychologically trump your opposition in any gaming competition you attend.

2. Gaming Chair

A gaming chair is unquestionably one of the best ways for a digital gamer to relax and stay comfortable while they play the best games. For us, this has to be Drift Hunters 2. These chairs provide back support that cannot be found with any other type of chair – and this back support is massively needed among gamers, as hours and hours spent hunched over in front of a computer screen is terribly bad for you and can contribute to bad posture. A gaming chair is a definite essential investment you need to make if you are serious about gaming and want to game in luxury and comfort.

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3. Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

If you are a computer gamer, then a gaming keyboard and mouse set-up is absolutely essential. Ordinary computer mice and keyboards do not offer the same fluidity and response time that can be found with gaming keyboards and mice. It is absolutely essential for any computer gamer to invest in a gaming keyboard and mouse so that they can trump any of their competitors online and always come out on top. They can cost quite a lot of money, admittedly, but it is an investment well worth making, and one you should consider if you spend long hours playing online.

4. Blackout Curtains

While not a gaming accessory, blackout curtains can certainly improve your gaming experience. It is very hard to immerse yourself in a game when you have peripheral distractions, such as birds flying past; cars; foot traffic; trees, and insects. Blackout curtains will provide you with an intense, immersive experience, where your game and you are the only perceptible things in the room, and you will be able to truly throw yourself into your game whole-heartedly without any distractions. Blackout curtains are not often very expensive and can be picked up from most home-supply stores for a low price.


5. Headphones

Gaming headphones are another immersive and awesome way to get completely into your game without distraction. If you live at home with your parents and siblings, it will be all too common to experience distraction and interference. Headphones will block all of this out and allow you to focus entirely on your game and have a unique gaming experience free from any bother or irritation. Noise-isolating headphones will make every single gaming experience a totally immersive and fun experience that is unlike any other gaming experience you may have had in the past. Headphones are essential.

6. Manuals

In our digital age, it is rare for children and gamers to own physical magazines and manuals. In the early 2000s, every child had gaming magazines that offered every cheat and code available – as well as every method of completing a game and finding easter eggs. You can find all of these online now, but for a nostalgic and immersive experience, consider purchasing a hard copy of a manual and consulting it in person every single time you need help or advice on your game. A manual can improve your gaming experience massively and teach you some things you may not have known.

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7. Comfortable Clothing

Seriously, comfortable clothing can improve your gaming experience massively. Playing a game when you are wearing uncomfortable and rigid clothes can be a detriment to your success. You will be constantly worrying about your clothes bothering you and will not be able to get totally involved and focus entirely on your game. Comfortable clothing is an essential gaming must-have – so make sure every time you turn on your console or your gaming station that you are dressed comfortably (preferably in your pajamas!). Don’t try to game in a suit – trust me – it won’t work out.

8. Snacks

Snacks are another gaming essential that can improve your experience and make you feel a lot more comfortable and have a lot more fun. You should try to eat healthy snacks when gaming, as sitting in front of a computer screen gorging yourself on unhealthy snacks is not good for you and will be a detriment to your body. Try to pick up fruit, nuts, and other types of healthy snacks so that every single time you game, you are content and healthy. Never game without snacks – it’ll be rubbish – plus, if you get hungry, you will have to pause your game and go and get food!

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9. Water

Staying hydrated is essential when you are gaming. A lot of people neglect this and can make themselves tired and unwell; the less you drink, the less you will be able to game, as you will experience headaches and fatigue. Staying hydrated will ensure you can game for hours and hours without break! Keep hydrated and aim to drink around two and a half liters a day – although this could differ depending on your body weight, so you may have to do a bit of research into what is the best amount for you.

Now, with the help of this page, you know everything that can improve your gaming experience, and make every gaming experience totally memorable. Gaming should be done in moderation, as it can be bad for your eyes and body, so be sure to game responsibly and do not commit yourself to days of non-stop gameplay.

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