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6 Most Common Types of Plastic Surgery for Men

It is in our human nature to take care of ourselves and the way we look. By dedicating more time for ourselves we are not just making us feel better but also we are working on increasing our level of self-confidence which is making us a stronger and more independent person in the eyes of other people. By spending free time in some physical activity or nourishing face and body, we are investing in ourselves. Exactly, every devotion to our body and every action we take for ourselves is an investment.

As women take care of their looks and appearance, so do men. Spending time in the gym, going to a beauty salon, and even having a personal nutritionist is a reality for every modern man. By that, they work on themselves and their way of looking. It is inadmissible to still believe in the taboo that only women are the ones who spend time in beauty spots or pay attention to their nutrition plan.

Of course, men do the same, which is quite common and real. Sometimes there are some parts of characteristics of the body that men do not like which is lowering their level of self-confidence. The most common problems that they are facing are wrinkles, imperfect nose, or even excess skin after weight loss. In that case, the best solution is to consult a professional plastic surgeon, suggests Dr Kien Ha, and you want to find a good one to meddle with your face and body. Last year plastic interventions for men have become more frequent, which led to better service, increased competition, and thus improved supply by plastic surgeons.

If this topic kept your attention, in continuation we will talk about the 6 most common plastic interventions in men in the last period:

1. Nasal correction

Source: Dr. David Rosenberg

The most common intervention for men in plastic surgery is nasal surgery. Most often these corrections are made for aesthetic reasons because it would increase a person’s self-confidence. This is understandable because the nose is the first thing, anyone, notices during face-to-face conversations. It has been proven that even three out of ten men in a certain sample are not satisfied with the way their nose looks. Nasal interventions usually involve reducing the nostrils, reducing the sharpness of the nose, or correcting unwanted curvature. After the intervention, the face appearance of the person changes significantly, which gives a better feeling and a higher level of security.

2. Wrinkle Correction

Source: Age Focus

Wrinkles are the first aging alarm for men. Their appearance results in a decrease in self-confidence and a reduced sense of attraction with their appearance in public. Some various creams and treatments guarantee the solution of this problem that are not effective. The last hope for every man is the so-called “wrinkle ironing”, the secret weapon of plastic surgeons. This treatment guarantees the recovery of the skin and restoration of its radiance. After this intervention, the appearance of the face changes significantly, the skin looks more nourished and fresher. But men should not ignore the fact that even after this treatment their face must be nurtured properly and regularly at home or by visiting a beauty salon.

3. Liposuction

Source: Möller Medical

A pound more during the holidays sounds like a nightmare for every man. Insufficient activity during the winter period, Christmas holidays, and cold weather are the most common factors for weight gaining in the winter period. This problem is easily solved with a proper diet plan and regular activity, but mistakes are still made.

Making mistakes in the weight loss process can result in an increased amount of fat under the skin. This problem can only be solved with the help of the method offered by plastic surgery known as liposuction. This treatment helps remove excess fatty tissue that accumulates under the skin. Such tissue is difficult to eliminate with regular physical activity. Prior careful search is required to choose the right clinic and surgeon. The right surgeon means successful treatment. A beautiful and well-groomed body instills self-confidence in every man, and this treatment offers us that privilege for a slender body. Now is the right time to easily solve the problem of fat under the skin.

4. Gynecomastia surgery

Source: AriaMedTour

Gynecomastia is caused by a hormonal imbalance between the male hormone testosterone and the female hormone estrogen. It occurs when men have higher levels of estrogen than testosterone, which causes gynecomastia. It appears with the birth, during puberty, or after the age of 60. It is a condition that can be solved with the help of plastic intervention that is guaranteed to successfully remove gynecomastia and will permanently solve this problem.

The most common causes that lead to this condition are improper and unhealthy diet, as well as overweight which is a great enemy of the human body. Another point that men should be careful about is the intake of drugs, it is advisable to be careful with the drugs and to take only those drugs that are prescribed in a certain dose.

Special care is needed when taking medications for anxiety, bacterial infections, and it is very important to note that the use of marijuana, heroin, or excessive alcohol intake can also lead to this condition. An experienced plastic surgeon can solve this problem through a successful intervention, that will help you get through this condition. If you want to learn more check here and find out more information about the treatment and the quality which is guaranteeing visible results.

5. Plastic ear correction

Source: Artiste Plastic Surgery

It has become particularly common in the last six months after the coronavirus pandemic, due to the frequent wearing of protective masks. Wearing protective masks is the most common problem now, immediately after excessive wearing of sunglasses or reading glasses. Ear interventions usually involve reducing the size of the ears, correcting their position, and correcting the appearance of the auricular. Ears are a sensitive part of our head that can be easily deformed, which does not look aesthetically pleasing. For this reason, many men decide to correct them and return them to the desired look.

6. Tightening of the skin under the chin

Source: Kalos Medical Spa

Too frequent weight changes lead to facial changes. One of those changes that no man wants is the appearance of excess skin under the chin. It is the excess skin that most often occurs due to excess weight but also occurs in older people as a result of aging. This problem is most common in older men and it affects their level of self-confidence. For that reason, they decide to approach the problem from an aesthetic point of view. By solving this shortcoming, the shape of the face changes, the face looks younger and more nurtured, and the feeling is amazing because it removes all doubt and restores all confidence.

When it comes to men’s appearance and elimination of all imperfections, plastic surgery is the only option that offers the best solution. It is an option that restores self-confidence, improves physical appearance, and attractiveness in men. It is advisable not to practice this procedure too often, nor to make excessively large corrections as the natural appearance of the face or body may be lost. It is important to take care of your appearance. Plastic surgery for men should not be a taboo topic, because each of us has imperfections that can be corrected. That will make us feel beautiful, attractive, and full of self-confidence. It’s time to shine in front of everyone!

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