What Makes the Perfect Betting Service?

If you are a gambler or looking to begin placing bets on sport, there is a huge choice for bookmakers.

For this reason, players can shop around to find the bookmaker that suits their needs the best.

This makes the industry one of the most competitive out there. If bookmakers want to stand out, then they know they need to offer a first-class service.

But what is it that makes the perfect betting service? Here are six things to look out for.

1. A Good Start as a New Customer

Bookmakers value new customers very highly, and for that reason, there are some great welcome offers out there. According to, welcome offers can be free bets, risk-free bets, or bonus funds; they come in many different ways.

The key here is to get a good offer and one that suits how you are going to bet. There are some great offers out there, and you should be able to find one that you want without too much trouble.

With your free bets, you should find getting started very simple, and it gives you an immediate way of building up your betting bank and creating funds to use in the future with your bookmaker.

2. Further Offers to Take Advantage Of

While the majority of focus for bookmakers is on new customers and giving them offers when they sign up, there is also a market for offers that existing customers can use regularly.

Don’t expect the same level here; these will be much smaller, but you can find yourself with a great deal over a year.

For example, some bookmakers offer free bets each week to customers who spend more than a fixed amount. These free bets will be small, but if you bet regularly and get one every week, they are likely to earn you more than your original welcome offer over the course of the year.

With these offers in place, getting a good deal is not only about when you join, but it can be something you get weekly from your bookmaker. Everyone should be looking to find ways of claiming offers, and the best betting service will have them for you.


3. A Simple and Easy to Use Platform

We all have to remember that betting is a pastime; it is a hobby that we all enjoy. Like any other hobby, it should be fun, which comes down to the platform you are using.

This should be easy to use, and if you are a new player, you should look for one that has simple menus for you to navigate. There is no chance of getting lost that way, something that will frustrate and potentially knock new players’ confidence.

Sites cater to customers by offering things such as quick links to the biggest events and the ability to add your favorites. Look out for features like this. They should give you a simple platform to use, something that you can enjoy using, and importantly, somewhere you won’t get lost as a new player.

4. The Ability to Bet Via Your Mobile Device

A quick look at the latest technology news will show you that many businesses are using mobile technology. Like much of the business world, the betting industry is moving over onto mobiles, and even if you don’t bet using a mobile phone right now, you are likely to in the future.

Many bookmakers offer a mobile service, which allows you to place bets regardless of where you are; you may be at work, out with friends, visiting family, or simply sitting on your own sofa.

With this kind of flexibility, you should never miss a beat again, and be able to access your wagers in the most convenient way.

Whether it’s a mobile app, which is preferable, or a mobile version of their website, finding a bookmaker that offers mobile betting is important, and the best betting services have this under control.

Mobile betting is handy for those who watch live sport; if you are heading to a game in the Premier League, or watching some tennis on the ATP Tour, you can place your bets while you are there via your mobile.

Source: What Mobile

5. Competitive Odds if Using Only One Bookmaker

If you are betting with just one bookmaker, then don’t expect to get the best odds every time you place a bet. In this case, what you should do is look for a bookmaker that offers good odds all of the time.

It is no good to get the best odds on one bet if the other bets you place are at odds, below average.

Do some tests, look at betting markets you are going to use, and see where each bookmaker lands on the tests. Look out for one that is seemingly consistent and is always offering above average to their customers.

You won’t get the best, but you will get a good deal overall, which is all you can expect when you are using just one bookmaker.

6. Finer Details to Round Off the Service

The last thing you should look for, something that may separate the very best from the remainder of the pack, is the service’s finer details. This may include a live streaming service, the number of accepted payment methods, customer service opening times, and more.

These do not make or break, and they won’t affect the bets you place and the offers you receive, but the very best betting services will all have these for you to compare.

There is nothing specific to look for here, just look at the extra features on offer and work out which ones are the most important to you and who offers them.

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If it’s watching the most important action, then prioritize live streaming, if its payments, then look for who has the most payment methods on offer.

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