Spice Dream UNO (Android One) Review

After the release of Android One series many people got an effective solution of having budget Android phones. Before it was a bit hard to find out which phone will be good under Rs.7000. Then Google came out with Moto E which was around Rs.7000 and an amazing piece of hardware. Again the competition get friendly with the release of Redmi 1S which Rs.1000 cheaper than Moto E, but great enough for apps and games usage. Later on breaking into the competition Google came out with Android One that is not only under budget but it is also a good model.

When it comes to budget phone, we all know that there might be fewer things in it. When Google announced the new Moto series, they had broken the misconception. That budget phones means no features. Moto E is a successful phone that brings the most amazing touch quality and it looks Google is trying to unify it by bringing out Android One series. Because here Google is not working on its own in-house models, rather it is typing up with the local brands to release budget phone. Spice Dream UNO and two more models which are Karbonn Sparkle V and Micromax Canvas A1 are just the start.


Later on we will be surely surprised to see better features. Here in this three new phone among which is Spice Dream UNO which we will be reviewing today has many features under the unbelievable cost of Rs.6300. So here we will find out that does Spice Dream UNO has able to provide the output that we are expecting. And to some extent it is. Being a quad core phone coupled with 1GB ram, the device works fairly well with games and apps. Benchmarking reports on that proves it as decent entry level devices that will offer you smooth multi-tasking output. So here lets checkout the specification first and then we will go ahead with others stuff.

Spice Dream UNI Specification:

  • SIM – Dual SIM 2G/3G
  • Processor – 1.3 GHz Quad core processor
  • OS Version – Android v 4.4,kitkat
  • RAM  – 1 GB
  • Display – 4.5 inch
  • Resolution – FWVGA 480×854 pixels IPS Screen
  • Primary Camera – 5 MP
  • Secondary Camera –     2 MP
  • Internal memory – 4GB (2GB User Memory)
  • External memory – Micro SD, up to 32GB
  • Weight – 138g
  • Battery – 1700mAh Lithium Polymer

Display Quality:

Spice Dream UNO features a 4.5inch screen which is not HD. It has a good viewing angle though. You can watch your videos and read message clearly on that. The resolution is limited but not very bad. But it does affect sunlight readability. This 4.5inch screen brings out FWVGA 480×854 pixels resolution and the viewing angles are preserved because of the IPS Screen. If it was not having this IPS display then the quality might have affected more. Lack HD display keeps the screen limited for usage. But still it works well when it comes to chatting or web surfing.

Spice Android One Dream UNO Review

You can play games on it, and the touch response is also fast. You can install various apps that do not lag or freeze here. The phone has a nice design but gets a bit bulky to hold. I found Spice Dream UNO as a decent mobile phone that works really well. The touch quality is fast response. The UI is mostly based on the stock UI. So here you get all feature of Kitkat. You won’t get additional benefits unless you try installing third party launchers on the same. The phone already comes with pre-installed apps that would help you to do your day to day jobs.

Software and UI:

Spice Dream UNO runs on Android 4.4 KitKat operating system very much similar to all models that fall under Android One series. KitKat has its own benefits. It is good to find that these models were not limited to Android Jellybean OS. Because Kitkat already is an optimized OS that put more to the battery life, while other consume a bit more. Almost all features of Spice Dream UNO are supported by the KitKat OS. The UI is easy to customize. KitKat brings you a simple yet effective contact manager with good photo gallery. And you can boost the output by adding more apps as per your need. Because you have Google Play access that offers million of apps for free downloads. The phone touch srepsnosve is good due to Kitkat and Google has promised that all upcoming or recent Android updates will be provided on Spice Dream UNO.

The phone is a great option for budget users. Who want the latest features at low price? But I think Google must work on the display quality next time. Because we already are used to the HD display. That is because of Moto E and Redmi 1S. These two models are the best and very completive under Rs.8000 and their features is still hard to beat. I hope the coming version of Android One will bring more things and broader choices for its buyers.

Camera Quality:

Dual camera support helps you to take decent photos. The front 2MP will allow you to video chat, but it is good if you sit in front of light. So that your face gets brighter. As 2MP is a very low resolution camera, you cannot expect many pictures from here. Second the back camera which is a 5Mp and has a flash support. The camera is slowing responsive. If you shake your hand while taking photos the image quality will be affected. Image processing is fast. Stock camera app of Android Kitkat OS does bring any extra benefits. It gives decent photos but this is limited. If you are trying to take HD photos then better capture them under bright light. And you also have to extend the storage by adding a SD card because the 4GB storage is not at all enough. Especially when it comes to video recording.

Hardware and Performance:

Coming to the performance part Spice Dream UNO is nothing below average. 1.3 GHz Quad core processor and 1GB make app performance great here. Even you can play a few HD games on that and it won’t lag or freeze. It is able to manage a few bunches of apps together. Performance point of view is a good budget phone in the market. In many similar models if you go and buy you will find that the device might be having a 512MB ram only. But here under Android Series all the models are getting 1GB ram. That is a kind of upgrade for it. And quad core CPU which effectively manage the multi-tasking. KitKat is further optimized to give you long battery life if you use it wisely.

The phone comes with all common connectivity options. Like Wifi, Bluetooth, etc. But you won’t get any advance solution like NFC or Wi-Fi Direct. A few budget phones that are b it higher in price will have a lot of things when it comes to connectivity. So here it is not right to say that Spice Dream UNO would be the perfect budget phone. If your requirements are higher, like bigger screen, HD output, large storage, then going for mid range phone is recommended. Spice has not really surprised us with new models. Most of the product released by them is average.


Spice Dream UNO will be a good choice who is looking for powerful features under a very low cost. That means under Rs.7000. Or they can simply checkout Moto E or Redmi 1S before buying. Here compare to Redmi 1S, which is a total china brand, Moto E is ore preferred due to the quality and brand. Spice Dream UNO still fall a bit short. It gets unique due to Android One series. That makes it popular due to the KitKat OS which many budget phones has not received and might not get. So the features are extended here. All phones that are under Android One are identical in output.

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