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How to Get Into Paddle Boarding With Style

Paddleboarding is one of the latest, most stylish, and relaxing sport to make waves amongst people who love being out and enjoy nature. The sport allows you to burn calories and comes with an assortment of health benefits, while also allowing you to explore your local lake, without having to swim or float. In essence, paddle boarding looks a lot like surfing, except you are standing on a board and propelling yourself through the water with something that resembles a canoe paddle.

Paddleboarding has become incredibly popular as of late, especially in the wake of the global pandemic, for being a sport that keeps you active while also being calming to your nerves. If you are interested in trying this activity out before it gets too cold and is curious about how to get started, then this article is for you.


The Right Outfit

Generally speaking, any swimsuit, shorts, or a simple tank top and short combo should work just as well for paddleboarding. You will be out in the water, but you won’t be swimming, so you don’t have to invest in a special swimsuit. This definitely helps to make paddle boarding one of the easiest outdoor sports to get into since very little gear is necessary. However, it helps to get some decent gear as the weather gets cooler, or invest in clothes designed to protect you from the sun – this can be especially important for those that have sensitive skin and are worried about sun damage.

When you are paddleboarding, you will be exposed to the elements for a long while. It helps to stay covered with a hybrid jacket designed with paddle boarders in mind. These jackets are typically constructed with a warm combination of thermal micro fleece and neoprene to give you the feeling of comfort and coziness while also providing 50+ UV protection. These jackets provide the perfect mix of comfort and protection from the elements. You can even look for more sophisticated models that have protected compartments and loops for you to store your keys or even your cellphone in a waterproof pocket. It is great to be able to go out there on your paddleboard, and not have to worry about packing a huge duffle bag. Just bring your gear and get started straight away.

Source: Captain Mike’s Diving

The Paddle Board

Of course, integral to your ability to enjoy the sport is the most important tool; the paddleboard itself. Finding the right paddleboard can seem a bit daunting at first. There are so many wonderful styles and colors to choose from. But, to be able to find the one that works best for you, the folks from advise you to research well and see how a particular model can suit your needs. Bamboo paddleboards, for instance, have different models, so you must know the specifications of each to select the one that offers the most value for your money. The main factors that will affect your ability to practice and enjoy the sport are the dimensions of the board: what is the shape, and what is the volume and capacity that fits you best? Also, you want to be sure that the length and width of the board can accommodate your physique just as well. Interestingly, there are not only firm models, but also inflatable ones as well, and you can see which you prefer – generally speaking, the inflatable ones are great for those who can’t carry around a regular board all the time.

There are also a few other bells and whistles that arrive with a battle board, such as fins and other accessories that may enhance your ability to enjoy paddleboarding from the get-go. For example, maybe you would like to get a paddleboard with specific attachments for your fishing rod – yes, lots of people like to fish while standing on their board.

Or, you want to be able to take cool photos while paddleboarding and need a place for your camera. Luckily, there’s a board for that, too. Regardless of the specific way you would like to enjoy the sport, you are bound to find a board that meets your needs perfectly.


Purchase the Paddle

The next vital piece of equipment you will need is a paddle. These tend to be long, stretched out poles with a sort of “blade” in the shape of a tear. These allow you to paddle with maximum efficiency. The only trick is to make sure that you purchase a paddle that will reach up to your wrist and whose length will feel comfortable to you.


Functioning exactly as it sounds, a leash is usually sold separately and is used to keep your paddle, or SUP, tethered to you to prevent you from falling off your board. Since you are basically exercising on what amounts to a large flotation device, your safety is paramount. These leashes are designed for you to surf on virtually any body of water, but do be mindful of purchasing the right one for you. Check-in with your local sporting goods shop and they will be able to tell you which model fits best for the waters you will be traversing.


Don’t Forget Sunscreen!

Since you will be out all day paddling on a serene lake or the river, you will need to protect your skin as well. If you have sensitive skin, invest in a mineral sunscreen with an SPF of at least 50, and make sure that you reapply as needed. Sun protection is of paramount importance when practicing this sport, so make sure that you are not left with a nasty sunburn and stay safe. You can also look into wearing an old fashioned bucket hat or straw hat with a wide brim to protect your face from the sun’s harsh rays so that you can stay focused on enjoying yourself instead.

Paddleboarding is not only an activity that is good for your core, improves your balance, and burns calories. It is an immensely relaxing sport that provides many health benefits to everyone who practices it. All you need is a few essential pieces of gear, and you will be able to enjoy this relatively low-impact yet highly effective activity in no time.

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