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4 Ways Technology is Impacting the World of Basketball

Basketball is one of the most favorite sports in the world. Often viewed as one of the sport with the most grace and the need for arguably the highest IQ both for players and the coaching staff, it is without a doubt in the top 5 sports in the world, right besides football (soccer), tennis, and a few others.

With its rules and advanced statistics, it is one of the best and most intriguing sports to watch and follow as well. Basketball players are also among the most skilled and fascinating athletes whose fast moves, dance-like dribbling on the court and powerful slam dunks we adore to watch. The most followed events include the basketball World Cup, EuroBasket, and each new season of the NBA, the most elite league in the world, and the dream destination for any professional player. Apart from its appeal as a big pro sport, hoops is the absolute favorite of children and amateurs around the globe.

Like everything else then, such a huge phenomenon bounds to change when a new trend is somehow introduced into the world. This is exactly what happened with this sport and modern technology, which is rapidly and more often than ever-changing the game and how we perceive it. In this article, we are going to look at ways that technology is impacting the world of basketball.

1. Sports Betting

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Modern betting and gambling on sports are vastly different from how it was done in the old days. Today, it is largely done online, either from the comfort of your home behind a desktop or a laptop computer or even more conveniently, on mobile devices. The sheer amount of online websites that offer all kinds of sports betting, basketball of course included, is enough for a very lucrative industry and a fan-favorite activity. All sorts of outcomes can be bet on, from the winners and losers of each game and the champion of the season, to over or under bets on individual stats for any player each night. This offers truly amazing combinations of some money on the side, especially for those who actively follow the sport and know every detail about it. To check out one of the best places where you can place a bet on the game of hoops, make sure to check out Unibet PA.

2. Social Media

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The introduction of popular social media services has given people a lot of insight into the daily lives of the rich and famous. This is also one of the biggest reasons why so many people use social media websites every day. The fact that you can be so close to and interact with NBA players over Twitter and Instagram is simply amazing. Users sometimes get replies on their comments, get into heated arguments with the athletes and coaches, and all of this has the potential of actually impacting the season a little bit since it can be a part of the news.

Like any other sport, social media has greatly influenced basketball and everything and everyone around it. It is now the best place to follow the news about trades, scores, injuries, behind the scenes content, and much more. During the 2019/2020 NBA season, a number of players started YouTube channels to report back from the Disney Bubble in Orlando, which was established to efficiently end the season after a complete halt. Top plays, podcasts, documentaries, and sports shows have all moved to online mediums like YouTube, making social media even more prominent.

On-demand watching should also be mentioned here, as viewers today can watch any game no matter where they are. Purchases of single games are available if you only want to fully watch a handful, but the best option is to get the NBA League Pass and get all games of the season.

3. Mobile Devices and Wearable Tech

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The coaching staff is actively being trained and encouraged to use as much tech as possible in explaining and treating the players during their practices and games. For example, the best tablets on the market are now a part of every game and are used for quick access to tactics, information, and all sorts of other things that can benefit the team.

Wearable technology like modern microphones gives us sounds of the games right from the action, as there is one player each night with a small mic in their jersey. The viewers can then listen to whatever they are talking about in the heat of the moment, encouraging their teammates, celebrating a basket, arguing with the referee, or the absolute favorite of the fans, trash-talking with the opponents.

During the part of the process where the players prepare and are in rehab, they wear various monitors that measure heart rate, motion, certain levels of things in the body, and much more. All of this changes the game for the better and prevents injuries, missed games, and possible illness while giving back optimal conditions for practice and winning games. This data is invaluable and crucial to the overall success of the whole organization.

4. Video Games and Fantasy

Source: Polygon

More and more people are familiar with the world of basketball thanks to the advanced video games like the NBA 2K franchise that has been revolutionizing the genre since their iconic 2K11 title. These next-gen games bring something new every year and allow you to play dream scenarios between old teams and new teams, all-time best lineups of teams, and even all-star, WNBA, European, and national teams. Combine this with game modes like MyCareer, MyLeague, MyPark, and MyTeam, and you have hours of fun at your hands.

A form of a game is also NBA fantasy which is largely done through computers and mobile devices. Friends get together and create leagues with however many of them there is. Each one is the general manager of their own team and they draft the players. They end up with fantasy rosters, hence the name, and however the players play in real life each night, their stats reflect in the fantasy league. Whoever has the strongest and most well-balanced team throughout the season wins. Trades, picking up new players, and releasing the existing ones is also possible.

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