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5 Ways to Use Cannabis Vaporizer & Get the Most Out of It

Many people are not sure is ti possible to vape weed, but the first usage of a vaporizer was precisely that. The crucial thing is that vaping is the safest and the most healthier method, comparing to smoking a bong or lighting a joint. That means that it is perfect for recreational usage, but also for medical. If you need a new vaporizer but struggle to find a perfect one, check blaze4days.com and see their offer. And if you are still not sure is that the right solution and how it works, this text can help.

1. The way vaporizers work

Source: Ontario Cannabis Store

Vaporizers are working with a new technology that is avoiding flaming. That means that they are bringing weed to the perfect temperature and extracting cannabinoids and terpenes from it. The good thing is that there are no fire and burning plants, so there is no smoke too. Vaporizers are producing vapor, and that is a much healthier method than smoking. This method can help you extract more compounds from the plant since they are evaporating at low temperatures, and burning them is more harmful than good. Heating the weed to extreme temperatures is wasting it. Those special machines can work on two principles – convective heating, where cannabis is getting to the right temperature by heating the air around it, and conductive heating. The cannabis is getting to the right temperature by heating the surface under it. It is necessary to shake the conductive vaporizer to avoid accidentally burning the weed.

2. Vaping methods

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There are three main vaping weed methods: desktop, portable, and pen, and every one of them have its advantages.

  • Desktop

As the name says, those vaporizers are not portable, and you are plugging them directly into an electrical outlet. The other name for this type is tabletop vaporizers, and the great thing about them is that you can adjust temperature precisely. Choosing flavors is another great thing, and since they have a larger battery and tank, it allows you to use many attachments. The most popular are whip that is a tube that helping to deliver vapor to your mouth, and a balloon that can help you with sharing a smoke with friends. The price of desktop versions can be a little higher, and they are better for users with some experience. But it doesn’t mean that the beginners can use them since everyone can learn very fast. They guarantee flavors, intensity, and consistent quality without the tar from herbs that are burning.

  • Portable

Portable type is a compact device with great capacity and versatility. Those vaporizers have great batteries that can last for a long time, and they are giving power to the atomizer that includes cannabis oil. A tank is a place where you can store more oil or dry herbs, and it is a separate part from an atomizer. Some tanks are designed only for oils, some only for herbs, but there are tanks where you can store both of them. Without a mouthpiece, a heating chamber will burn your mouth while inhaling, which may be the most important part. The sensor can also be useful since it can show you the concentrate’s temperature so you can adapt it.

  • Pen

The pen method is the most attractive for many reasons. It has only three parts – atomizer, battery, and mouthpiece, and using it is possible even if you are a beginner. The only thing you should do is to fill the atomizer with oil, charge the battery, and push the button to make vapor. Vape pens are very compact, and you can carry them wherever you go.

3. Vaping dry weed

Source: The Higher Path

Vaping is not a challenging task if you know the basics. First, it is crucial to heat the vaporizer to an ideal temperature before putting the weed into it. That is the only way to get the best results and extract the most from the weed. Try to avoid using the wet weed, and checking it is easy by touch and pressing between the fingers. Vaporizers are not burning cannabis, and it is necessary to dry it properly before use. Bud needs to be of a perfect size before you put it into the chamber. The only way to achieve this is to use a quality grinder and try to make bud medium-fine. Avoid grinding with your hands since it can’t guarantee proportional pieces, and avoid making powder from the bud. Packing the weed into the chamber can be tricky since many beginners are not putting enough of it. The key is to fill it to the top and compress it gently with your fingers.

4. Inhaling ways

Source: Vaping360

Everyone will find a perfect technique eventually, but it is crucial to calm down and inhale steadily and shortly for beginners. The other important thing is not to hold the vapor into the lungs because it doesn’t have any use since it won’t make you higher.

5. Cleaning and sanitizing the vape

Source: WebMD

Cleaning and sanitizing is not a funny task, but it is necessary. Regularly doing it can prolong the vaporizer’s lifespan, but the most important thing is that it will preserve your health. Are cleaning it after every usage is the best thing since it will make things easier. It is much easier to clean it well while everything is still fresh. A small brush is perfect for everyday cleaning. After a few usages, you should sanitize the vape with ISO alcohol or some similar sanitizer. Be careful, and avoid sinking the whole device into drink since it can damage it.

Consuming weed is something that everyone should do responsibly, and it is the same thing with vaping it. Be aware that it is not allowed in many countries, and be careful. Consult the doctor before deciding that it is the right solution for you, and if you are doing it for recreation, explore the flaws before the advantages determine for you.

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