5 Tips for Finding Reliable Workers Comp Lawyers

By definition, workers’ comp, or workers’ compensation is the process where the insurance company pays the financial replacement and other benefits because the employee was injured while doing their job. The insurance provider should pay for all the medical bills, and they should pay two-thirds of the employee’s paycheck, but in some cases, this is really difficult to achieve. It is said when a member of a crew is injured at work, they don’t always get all the financial benefits they deserve, and they usually end up paying for everything on their own. In this article, we are going to give you some tips on how you can find reliable workers’ comp lawyers, the questions you should ask them, and how to approach your case so you can make sure you get the best out of the situation.

1. Try to find a person who will offer the first consultation for free

This may seem like something that is not that important, but in reality, great attorneys don’t steer away from free consultations. When the legal advisor knows they are one of the best ones on the market, they won’t require you to pay for the initial consultation.

Know that this is a great way to talk to them, see if you like them, and go through more attorneys without having to pay for the first meeting. However, this is not going to be always possible, and the busiest law advisors may not have time to see you without you having to pay for it. To make sure the first consult is free, call them beforehand, and ask if they offer this option.

Source: Insurance Journal

2. Always have the consult with the person who is going to handle your case

Nowadays, there are a lot of law firms that have a lot of different lawyers working for them, and you may end up talking to one person, and then realize that someone else is going to lead your case. When talking about your working compensation case, you should always ask if the person you are talking to is going to be in charge of your case.

If you get a negative answer, try to schedule an appointment with the person who is going to be the leading attorney, and if they cannot tell you an exact name, then you should continue your search. Talking to your potential legal representative will save you a lot of time, and it will help you make a decision faster. Always stand your ground and talk to the right legal advisor before you make your final choice.

Source: Commercial Property Executive

3. Ask about their previous cases

To make sure you are working with a reliable worker’s comp lawyer, you need to ask them about their experience, skills, knowledge, and their previous cases. Talk to them about cases they’ve had that are similar to yours, and try to see how the whole process ended.

Don’t steer away from asking tough questions, and know that the legal advisor should be able to walk you through everything in a way that all things are clear. Ask them if they think you have a case, and what are the chances for you to win.

Source: J&Y Law Firm

4. Do they have a plan in case you get denied?

Know that no matter how good of a case you have, the insurance companies will always try to fight it and find a way to pay less. According to Savino & Smollar, the right workers’ comp lawyer should understand the complexity of these cases, and they should have several different plans in place.

One of the biggest issues that arise in these cases is the severity of the injured, and the insurance companies may try and prove that your injury wasn’t as serious as you are saying it is. They will also try and prove that you can continue working without any issues.

Your legal representative should be able to fight these claims, and they should also have a backup plan in case you get declined. Talk to them about all the options you have, and what will happen in the best, and the worst-case scenario.

Source: Alberhasky Law Firm

5. Check their website, credentials, and recommendations

The last thing we are going to talk about is checking if the legal advisor is the right one for you by checking their credentials and recommendations. If you are not sure where you should start looking, then search for law firms that claim to have the needed knowledge and experience.

Open their website, see what you can learn about them and their attorneys, and see if you like how things sound. See if they have all their licenses and certificates in place, and if needed, talk to their customer support. Call their representative, and see if you can schedule a meeting.

Know that nowadays you can find pretty much anything online, so don’t forget to use your research skills to learn if their previous clients are happy with the service they’ve gotten. Don’t expect all the reviews to be positive, and know that some clients may be unhappy, but as long as most of the reviews are good, you are safe to give that representative a chance.

You can also talk to people who’ve been through the same process and ask them to refer you to a legal practitioner. Don’t always trust the great marketing, and know that just because a firm has an amazing marketing team, it does not mean that the attorneys are great as well.

Don’t forget to read the agreement before you sign it, and always ask for their rates, and their compensation percentage. Some lawyers may take up to 15 percent of the money you get from the insurance company, so make sure you pay attention to these details.

There are thousands of people that can represent you, so know that you always have a choice. In addition, know that you are free to change your mind, and go with a different practitioner. Talk to the attorney, see what you like, see if they are transparent with you, and if they have the needed skills, and don’t rush this decision.

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