Elite Pizza Ovens Are the Ultimate Centrepiece of Your Outdoor Kitchen

Nothing is more exciting than spending your summer holiday outdoors with people you love. However, you first need to adjust your backyard by installing structures like a patio, a swimming pool, and an outdoor kitchen. The swimming pool will ensure fun, but an outdoor kitchen is something you must have if you want to enjoy outside for a whole day.

Outdoor kitchens ensure that you and your buddies are full while partying. You can install a BBQ grill, a fire pizza oven, and even add a bar to make the area more interesting. Everything is a perfect choice, and if there is enough space, you can have all of them. If not, pizza ovens guarantee the most fun because preparing pizza is always a great way to spend time.

Speaking of outdoor wood pizza ovens, no model is superior to the options offered in the Elite Pizza Oven range. Besides being practical, they are durable and have an attractive design.

If you want to prepare pizzas that will keep your guests talking for a long time, consider investing in one of the models described here.

1. Elite Statesman Series

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The statesman is the latest addition to the Elite Pizza Oven range. It is perfect for homeowners who need an oven that cooks mouthwatering pizza but don’t want to construct a permanent building. Since it has wheels, you can quickly move this oven to a convenient location. Because of that, there is no need to worry if stat raining since moving it to a better location is an easy task. Its cabinet has a black powder coating that allows it to withstand harsh weather conditions. If you maintain it properly, this oven can serve you for a lifetime. There is no special maintaining it is only necessary to clean it after every usage.  This oven’s cover has a 1260-degree thermal rating, meaning that it doesn’t heat while you’re cooking. Its quality also adds to its durability. 

2. Elite 850TC

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The Elite 850TC is the company’s support frame model. Unlike the statesman, it has a supporting frame that enables you to adjust the unit to your desired height. Moreover, it has an ergonomic design that ensures that you remain comfortable while preparing pizzas for your guests. That means that tall people do not have to bend to prepare pizza, but also that short people do not have to use a footstool to reach it.  Similar to other products in the Elite Pizza Oven range, the 850TC comes pre-cured. Curing is useful because it protects your oven from potential damage caused by excessive heat. Even if you accidentally add too much fuel, you are sure that the oven will remain intact. Because of that, there is no need to think about some unnecessary things, and the only thing to think about is the pizza taste. 

3. Elite 1000 Series DIY Kit

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The 1000 Series is the dream for every person who likes a hands-on approach when installing an outdoor kitchen. Although it comes disassembled, the package has everything you need to make it functional. If you fancy a challenge, you might want to consider buying this unit. Installing is not that hard, and if you have help from your friends, it can be great fun for Sunday afternoon. After the installation, all you should do is prepare pizza and enjoy it. With this model, you don’t need to think about rust. It has a stainless steel flue that doesn’t get affected by moisture. The door is also made of stainless steel, and it has a ceramic fibre insulation blanket. Lastly, it is pre-cured, meaning that you can start preparing right after you get it from the supplier. Cleaning it after every usage will increase the lifespan of the oven, and it is much easier to clean it right after you finish preparing.

4. Morso pizza oven and grill

If you want to have more options for preparing food, The Morso Forno pizza oven is then a perfect choice. Besides baking, in this oven, it is possible to smoke meat, fish, or cheese, but also to slow cook some special meal. Smoked food is something that every food lover cannot resist, and if you are good at that, you will be a favorite among friends. Slow cooking is something that can turn an ordinary meal into the special one. And when speaking about pizzas, the only limit is your imagination. The oven door is made from stainless steel, and that means that there is no need to worry about cleaning. It is possible to cook everything you imagine and use it as an indoor oven. The only difference will be the taste since it is going to be much better.


Outdoor ovens are the ideal enhancement to your patio. Besides being the focal detail of your outside space, it improves its functionality and can also increase your home’s perceived value. That is not the most important thing if you do not plan to sell the house, but it is always good to know. Installing the oven is not that expensive, but it is adding a lot to the home value. Your buddies and family will enjoy the tastiness of the pizza prepared using an Elite Pizza Oven. Even, better you can pick a variant that suits your needs, as there several options available. It is impossible to be wrong whatever you choose since every outdoor pizza oven is a great investment. The food prepared in it will surely taste amazing, but the fun you are going to have while preparing it with the people you love is immeasurable. Those ovens have one special power, and that is to keep the people you love near you. That is a great way to spend some quality time with friends and family and maybe start a new tradition for Sunday afternoons. In the end, it is all about fun, and the delicious food is just an addition to that.

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