Should you Install an Air Conditioner Yourself or Call Professionals?

Every proud homeowner feels satisfied and complete when they manage to complete a chore or an installation completely on their own. Having to call “a guy” or “the man” for something around the house is but a second option if the man (or woman) of the house is generally handy with tools. In case you know your way around the basics of electricity, carpentry, plumbing, and painting, you may not need a handyman or a repairman all that often. However, when it is the question of aesthetics and whether or not you can do something right, things are a bit different.

For example, we have the ever present air conditioner installation process. We all know by know just how important these gadgets are to our daily lives. They started off as the best means of cooling down our homes and businesses in the hot summer days. Soon they practically became mandatory for most types of offices because they allow for a more pleasant workspace. In homes, they also began to heat the rooms during transition periods and when winters are particularly cold. All in all, there is no modern life, or at least a comfortable and relaxing one, without our precious AC units.

When it comes the process of installation, many people believe they can do it on their own while many others simply call the professionals and pay them to do it for them. One thing is sure, there will always be supporters of both camps. However, we can objectively reveal to you which one is better and why, and we will right in this article. To learn more about air conditioning as well as who to call in the state of Georgia for all your AC needs, make sure to check out

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DIY or Call a Pro?

Without any further ado, we will answer the titular question by simply telling you that you should definitely call the professionals if you mean to get an air conditioning unit installed in your home or office. The reasons for this are somewhat obvious but we will list the most important ones nonetheless. Remember that this is not all about whether or not you can do it, but if you can do it properly and in a way that it makes sense both for the look and feel of your home and in the sense of safety, later maintenance and cleaning, and optimal performance.

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1. The Cost of a Mistake is High

If you end up making a mistake along the way and install the inside or the outside AC unit wrong, the additional costs you will have to pay for are incredibly high. Think about the potential mistakes that can occur. First, you may be off on your measurements. Then you may fail to connect the parts accordingly. You could even fit it onto the wall unevenly. If you are an inexperienced driller, you may even damage the wall and ruin the corner in which you wanted to put the AC in the first place. No matter what happens out of these problems, or something else, the fact that you will have to call at least one more professional apart from an AC guy is inevitable. Save yourself the higher costs and call a trusty air conditioning company to come and install the thing after a careful evaluation and planning.

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2. You Cannot Beat Experience

Speaking of hiring air conditioning companies to do their job instead of you tinkering on your own, remember that you cannot really beat experience and expertise in something as hands-on as installing technology onto walls. The guys who will come and do it in a matter of an hour have hours upon hours of training and years of experience. They have been through it all and have seen numerous different type of homes. What is more, they probably know every AC unit as soon as they see it, which means they are also familiar with the best way of assembling it, connecting it, and fitting it onto your walls. Just like they would probably struggle to do your job, you cannot possibly expect yourself to do a better job than them here. You will probably not need more than one or two ACs in your lifetime while they install that many each day.

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3. They Are Licensed

Not everyone can do what certified AC companies can. Apart from probably selling the units themselves as well as all the gear and parts necessary for their optimal performance, the license they carry means they are trained in their craft. Climbing ladders and walls to reach high places is second nature to them, meaning they can focus entirely onto the screwing, hammering, positioning, electrical work involved, and measuring. Unless you are one of those know-it-all dads form the movies who can literally do everything around the house no matter how unorthodox, unique, or crazy it is, you are far better off with a team of highly skilled pros installing your AC unit every single time around.

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4. No Mess

Last, of all, we simply have to address the issue of mess involved when doing something like drilling concrete, plywood, brick, block, or cement walls. Unpacking and removing the parts of the air conditioning parts also include cardboard and plastic elements that can quickly bundle up and pile on the floor. Combine that with the dust in the air, the noise that comes from it all, and the fact that you are doing it for the first time, and you can have quite a messy experience with it all. In come the professionals, with their careful approach, one that has worked so many times before. The thing that separates a good contractor from a bad one is how much they care about the customer’s property and how much attention they pay to details. If you hire a good team, rest assured that they will be careful with your walls and everything else on the property. Not only that, but they will also clean it afterwards and go out of their way to take away any and all rubble and unnecessary parts leaving you with nothing but your new AC to enjoy.

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