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How Not to Get Scammed When Buying a LOL Account

Gaming has been popular for decades. Whether it’s playing on a computer, smartphone, or one of the consoles, every fan of this entertainment will find something for themselves.

League of Legends is one of the most popular games of all time. The heroic confrontations in LoL capture the views and thoughts of many players and viewers and create stories that are later retold and analyzed.

Before you embark on the interesting world of League of Legends games, you should know a few basic rules.

League of Legends is an online multiplayer game. The game was designed and published by Riot Games. League of Legends (LOL) is the most played PC game in North America and Europe. As of February 2014, over 67 million play this game at least once a month, and more than 27 million once a day. In LOL, the player manages the champions, and each of them has special powers. The goal of the game together with his team is to fight against the opposing team and destroy the nexus.

As with any leap in life, information plays a big role. Blindly entering the unknown can sometimes be catastrophic and result in undesirable consequences. Admittedly, we are talking about the game here, so it won’t hurt you and you don’t know all the rules, but the drama in the introduction will definitely attract your attention.

League of Legends is an online PC game, genre-wise MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena), in which 10 players (5 vs 5) fight to win in the arena. There are certain positions and roles that each of the players occupies, as well as certain rules of the game.

We are aware that there are many scams on the Internet and that we need to approach the purchase and installation of a game carefully, as well as the opening of the account itself.

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Will anyone cheat on me and steal my money if I buy games online?

If you shop at verified stores this will not happen in 99.9% of cases. It is possible, for example, to buy a game that is removed, but in that case, you will be entitled to a refund or the game will remain in your collection even after removal.

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What are these unverified stores and why are games cheaper there?

Certain stores generally do not distribute official Steam game keys directly from developers but resell them as intermediaries. Games on these sites are mostly cheaper, but it comes at a price. First of all, there is a risk that someone will sell you a game key that will not work – e.g. because the game is locked for a specific region. Secondly, it is possible that the key to the game was acquired illegally – e.g. using a stolen card, so if the theft is detected, the game you purchased from the reseller may be deactivated from your account. So, smurfmania.com advises you to buy from verified sites.

Although the sites in question have a system of protection against such cases and even if the so-called revoke games on Steam, chances are you will get your money back. However, in that case, you will have to prove that you were deceived – attach pictures and other evidence, and the money will usually not be returned to your bank account, but e.g. through Steam Wallet, which means you’ll be forced to spend it exclusively on Steam. In the worst case, you will be left with no game and no money. Or you will spend more than planned because such sites promote gambling habits by promising you good games at low prices through packages where you will most often find more garbage than good games.

Ultimately, it should be borne in mind that developers do not receive money from reselling a key if it is procured illegally. For example, if someone steals someone’s bank card and buys a certain number of games with it, which they then resell through sites that operate in the gray zone, it is the developer who bears the damage when the abuse is discovered. Instead of making money on the game they made, the creators of the game in that case are required to return the money.

What is definitely good to do is to do a little research, or to read reviews if any. Reviews will tell you best whether it is a scam or not because it is where service users write their experiences.

In addition, it is always good to read the Terms and Conditions. Many consider this text in small letters unimportant, but very often there are some tricks, such as hidden costs.

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Buying someone’s account

This option can be very attractive. There are a lot of people who have been playing LoL or some other game for years, so they are fed up. However, since the order has been used for a long period of time – it also has its value. Imagine someone offering you an account with 76 heroes, a few skins, 3 completed Rune Page, and who knows what else! Sounds tempting.

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Final thoughts

Many children, young people, and even adults today really spend a lot of time playing video games. Somehow, they all seem to enjoy spending their free time that way. But if we look at the “long-run”, that “passion” can grow into a real addiction without even noticing it. Still, the truth is that playing video games has its advantages and nice, positive sides. Playing games helps in distraction especially if you choose action games. Our focus on the different phases of the game can be useful in other life circumstances as well when our focus will be needed to use our mental abilities. Virtual games whose subjects are for example animals can teach us how to behave properly, how to adopt new ways and new rules of treatment and coexistence with a domestic animal, pet, and how to take care of it. They also help the logic of faster problem solving, as well as the ability to make logical inferences. Not to mention that they are fun, stimulate thinking, and improve the power of observation. How can we not love them then?

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