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Professional eSports Gaming: Top Tech Devices Sure to Come in Handy

The eSports scene is gaining traction by the minute, and whether you’re a gambler, player, spectator, or participant, there’s a huge possibility you’ve caught the eSports fever. This industry has taken the whole world of gaming by storm, offering huge revenues and a host of amateurs striving to become the next big thing. Yes! It has that effect.

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to make money from iGaming. Online casinos are a testament to this, as they have been rolling out small and large wins to players since their inception. Several sites like SlotoZilla even offer online slot games to enable you to hone your skills for free. Luckily raking in cash benefits from eSports is not far-fetched either. And if you’re new to the scene, you can accomplish that by either running streams or getting employed by an eSports team that hires professionals only. In this article, we’ll be shifting our focus to the latter.

However, to become a professional, you’ll need the very best in terms of equipment. While they’re heaps of them in the market, it’s important to note the ones that are crucial in fulfilling your gaming needs.

Tech Devices That Are Essential for Professional eSports Gamers

Gamers worldwide are constantly proving that getting paid just by doing what they love isn’t a dream; it’s reality. From being sponsored by investors to playing with an eSport team at tournaments, there are heaps of ways you can earn a living from just playing games.

Are you interested in making that dream a reality? The following tech devices are sure to play an integral role in making the process feasible in the long run. They include:

Gaming PCs

Source: CNN

Although there are some tournaments for smartphones at the best eSports mobile games, most eSports gaming takes place with a PC. When we’re talking about PCs, the regular ones don’t make the cut as there are special computers for the sole purpose of gaming.

To become a pro gamer, you’ll need the best gaming laptop. Well, not the best of the best, but something that can fulfill all your gaming needs without boring you with unnecessary lags.

Alternatively, you can decide to have your set-up. Although this process can take a while, watching some DIY videos on YouTube like “best laptop 2023” set-up tutorials can go a long way in building your PC from scratch.


Source: Forbes

If you’re a gamer, and you don’t own a headset, then you’re not a gamer. Why? Headsets are just like clothes for pro gamers. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re just sitting listening to other players or your teammates, having a headset is crucial.

However, there are loads of things to look out for when you’re buying a headset. Avoid ill-fitted headsets as they can result in headaches. That said, be on the lookout for headsets that have clear sounds as low-quality sounds can affect your gameplay.

LED Monitor

Source: PCGamesN

As you take that huge leap towards playing games for real money, having a crystal clear display is crucial as it can be the difference between losing and winning.

It’s pertinent to note that not all monitors were developed for gaming, and as a result, purchasing LED monitors is crucial as they feature low input lag(the time it takes for images to render). For context, the lower the input lag, the easier it is to play games that require fast reaction times.

Wired Controllers

Source: Razer

The type of controller you use determines what player you’ll become. Although wireless pads are the “in-thing” currently, most gaming tournaments have wired controllers as a requirement.

Wired controllers are comfortable and light to hold. If you’re looking to go wired, make sure the controller features a long USB cable alongside motors for vibrations.

Fibre-Optic Broadband

Source: Stream Networks

With bad internet service, it’s practically impossible for you to become a professional eSports gamer, as it can create lags that can prove destructive to your gameplay, making you lose.

If you’ve got your eyes set on being a professional player, investing in fibre-optic broadband is the right path to take. Why? These cables are usually placed underground, making them immune from harsh weather that affects regular internet connections. With this installed, you can stream games and videos without any hitches whatsoever.


Source: Money Inc

A webcam is crucial in streaming your games to fans on popular video platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. To eke out a living, professional gamers must make use of high-quality webcams. However, it’s pretty hard to judge a webcam’s quality without buying it first. Before you make that purchase decision, make sure to check reviews online bordering on image quality and longevity.

A Quick Recap on eSports Gaming

Most people define this concept as games that you can play online. While this definition is true, it isn’t extensive enough, and with so many conceptualizations online, it often leaves many people confused.

Here are some facts for you to know:

  • eSports, in succinct terms, are games played by professional gamers in popular video-enabled tournaments. Gamers compete against each other to win the attractive prizes featured in these tournaments.
  • Developments in this industry have made the headlines in the last couple of years. With an estimated revenue of $2 billion in 2023, more investors are tapping into it by setting up eSport teams or buying industry shares.
  • Nowadays, people are so invested in eSports competitions that they fly out to foreign countries that host these tournaments. Those who can’t afford that can stay home to set bets on teams they expect to win.

Either way, eSports is fun, intriguing, immersive, and better still, it’s bankable!

Source: eSports Gaming

How Do Competitions Work?

First off, the digital nature of eSports gaming has made it easy for pros to play for hours on end without the fatigue that’s present in other sporting forms. As a result, eSports competitions can host more than 25 matches in a day, with different teams battling it out.

As with any other type of tournament, the winning teams advance, while the losing teams are cut. And there is a pattern to the progression. Taking a leaf from FIFA’s eSport world cup, players contest with other professionals within their region. And only those who are successful move on to face off on the national or global scale.

Looking to get into the big leagues? Well, the saying “The Young Shall Grow” rings true here. You can’t make it big overnight, and you’ll need to start small. If you’re doubtful, why not take a look at the popular teams in the eSports industry today. These teams began from micro online communities and moved up the ranks gradually through some years. Ultimately, they’ve made their marks as one of the best.

Kick Start Your eSports Gaming Adventure!

There you have it! Rome wasn’t built in a day. If you’re looking to go pro, it’s crucial to get your set-up right. While this can be a daunting and frustrating process, it certain to yield positive results in the long run.

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