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Which 3D Printer Should I Buy in 2023

Are you a printing enthusiast or a creative person who wants to buy a 3D printer? Well, you are in the right place. In this article, we will tell you about the best 3D printers you should buy in 2023.

Technology has evolved in the past few years, and 3D printing is getting popular day by day. Many people are buying 3D printers for their businesses because they are helpful in many ways. They can produce many essential products for you. You can shop different types of printers on 3dstore.dk at amazing discounts and prices.

Before buying a 3D printer, one should look for its features, functions, and ease of use. If you are confused about which one you should purchase, then you can read this article. We will provide you a list of the best printers and give a detailed description of every printer. So, without further ado, let’s get into it. By the end of this article, you will quickly get to know the ideal printer for you.

What is 3D printing?

3D printing is a process of creating compact three-dimensional objects of different sizes from a digital file. It is an easy technique to produce solid objects with fewer materials than traditional manufacturing.

What are the best 3D printers in 2023?

1. Ultimaker S3

Source: Ultimaker

It is one of the most popular printers for educational purposes. The reliability and quality of Ultimaker S3 make it the most suitable 3D printer of all time. It is used for educational and commercial purposes. The print quality is excellent, and you will never regret buying this printer.

Specifications of Ultimaker S3

  • Print Technology- Fused Deposition modeling
  • Weight- 14.4kg
  • Layer Resolution( Maximum)- 600 microns
  • Layer Resolution ( Minimum)- 20 microns
  • Dimensions- 394x448x637mm
  • Build area- 230x190x200mm

2. CEL-UL RoboxPro

Source: CEL-UK

If you are searching for a printer for industrial printing, CEL-Ul RoboxPro is perfect for you. With this printer, you get so many features like tool heads, network printing, and more. The quality, as well as the reliability of this printer, are exceptional. You can create as many unique products with the help of CEL-UL RoboxPro.

Specifications of CEL-RoboxPro

  • Print Technology- Fused Deposition Modelling
  • Layer Resolution( Maximum)- 500 microns
  • Layer Resolution ( Minimum)- 50 microns
  • Dimensions- 513x508x605mm
  • Build area- 210x300x400mm

3. Original PRUSA SL1

Source: Original

The Original PRUSA SL1 printer includes Stereolithography technology and efficiently produces solid objects. Its price is low. However, the print quality is excellent than other cheap ones. The PrusaSlicer software helps in improving the overall performance. You will get comprehensive material support by using this printer.

Specifications of PRUSA SL1

  • Print Technology- Stereolithography
  • Weight- 14.4kg
  • Resin Type- 405nm
  • Layer Resolution( Maximum)- 100 microns
  • Layer Resolution ( Minimum)- 25 microns
  • Dimensions- 400x237x225mm
  • Build area- 120x68x150mm

4. FormLabs Form 3

Source: FormLabs

FormLabs Form 3 is another popular 3D printer in the market.  It is best known for its high-quality printing and broad material support. This printer is excellent for producing jewelry, prototypes, and many industrial products. The size of the Form 3 printer is small, but it works efficiently than other Stereolithography 3D printers.

Specifications of FormLabs Form 3

  •  Print Technology- Stereolithography
  • Weight- 17.5kg
  • Resin Type- Multiple
  • Layer Resolution( Maximum)- 300 microns
  • Layer Resolution ( Minimum)- 25 microns
  • Dimensions- 405x375x530mm
  • Build area- 145x145x185mm

5. Raise3D E2

Source: Raise3D

When it comes to 3D printing, Raise3D E2 is the most successful printer in 2023. Many businesses prefer this printer as it offers many features at an affordable price. The high-resolution and touch screen interface makes it better than others. It is a user-friendly machine.

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Specifications of Raise3D E2

  • Print Technology- Fused Deposition Modeling
  • Layer Resolution( Maximum)- 250 microns
  • Layer Resolution ( Minimum)- 20 microns
  • Dimensions- 607x596x465mm
  • Build area- 330x240x240mm

6. TRILAB DeltiQ2

Source: TRILAB

It provides many benefits to the users. The features of TRILAB DeltiQ are unique from other printers. It gives you outstanding quality printing. This printer uses cutting-edge technology that makes it an ideal machine for producing objects.

Specifications of TRILAB DeltiQ

  • Print Technology- Fused Deposition Modeling
  • Weight- 10kg
  • Layer Resolution( Maximum)- Depends on the nozzle
  • Layer Resolution ( Minimum)- 50 microns
  • Dimensions- 410x500x810mm
  • Build area- 250x250x300mm

7. LulzBot Mini 2

Source: LulzBot

LulzBot Mini 2 is suitable for beginners. It is pretty affordable too. The speed and reliability of this printer are outstanding. The best thing about this is that it has open-source hardware.

Specifications of LulzBot Mini 2

  • Print Technology- Fused Deposition Modeling
  • Weight- 9kg
  • Layer Resolution( Maximum)- 400 microns
  • Layer Resolution ( Minimum)- 50 microns
  • Dimensions- 457x339x607mm
  • Build area- 160x160x180mm

8. CEL-UK RoboxDual

Source: Future

It is an effective printer that is used for educational and industrial purposes. It is a very beginner-friendly machine; anyone can work with it without getting confused. It provides excellent features to make high-quality 3D prints. The AutoMaker software helps to enhance the production process of the prints. Many companies purchase this printer as it is user-friendly and best for product designing.

Specifications of CEL-UK RoboxDual

  • Print Technology- Fused Deposition Modeling
  • Layer Resolution( Maximum)- 500 microns
  • Layer Resolution ( Minimum)- 50 microns
  • Dimensions- 410x340x240mm
  • Build area- 210x150x100mm

9. Original PRUSA i3 Mk3s

Source: Original

It is used for many purposes, from industrial to educational. The high-quality printing and fast speed of the printing make it the most reliable among all other printers.

Specifications of Original PRUSA i3 MK3s

  • Print Technology- Fused Deposition Modeling
  • Weight- 7kg
  • Layer Resolution( Maximum)- 350 microns
  • Layer Resolution ( Minimum)- 50 microns
  • Dimensions- 550x400x500mm
  • Build area- 250x210x210mm

10. Snapmaker 2.0 A350

Source: Snapmaker

This printer is excellent in performance as well as in the features. Along with 3D printing, it also provides laser cutter and CNC too. The design of the machine is superb.

Specifications of Snapmaker 2.0 A350

  • Print Technology- Fused Filament Fabrication, Laser, and CNC
  • Layer Resolution( Maximum)- 300 microns
  • Layer Resolution ( Minimum)- 50 microns
  • Dimensions- 645x480x580mm
  • Build area- 350x350x350mm

So, here is a list of great 3D printers that can help you in creating unique products. You can compare them according to your preferences and requirements and choose one wisely.


3D printing is a new technology, but many people are getting used to it. Before buying a printer, you can look into its features and specifications. We hope this article helped you in some ways to find a suitable machine for 3D printing.

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