Apple OS X Yosemite is now available for download

Apple OS X Yosemite

At the media event held at apple campus on October 16th Apple announced that a next version of Macintosh operating system OS X Yosemite is now available to download on the Mac App store. It’s a free software upgrade for the Mac users with eligible machine.

The version of OS X Yosemite is designed in iOS 7 styles with focus on translucency, streamlined toolbars, new redesigned icons and smarter controls.

It has several new features like continuity which allow user to work seamlessly between iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite devices. Users can now make and receive calls on their Macs and switch tasks to iOS devices effortlessly. The completely redesigned OS X Yosemite includes enhancements in several important apps like Safari, mail, messages. Yes, it also includes a new feature called iCloud Drive.

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