8 Benefits Of Private Hire Insurance For Uber Drivers

Point of view. You’ve just graduated, and you begin to do two jobs to start paying off your student debt. A regular job and an uber driving one. Another point of view. You have no formal education and need to support your family financially and set out to make an honest wage. The first thing you do is enlist yourself in the uber company as soon as you learn to drive.

A somewhat more bizarre point of view could be if you wanted to imitate Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver by going out late nights and working as a taxi driver. Whatever the point of view is, getting insurance is very important for drivers to make sure that any damages are paid for due to any unfortunate accidents caused by mistakes on the road.

With that being said, let’s get into this without any further ado! This article will cover the various things that are beneficial for new drivers, especially in Uber due to Private Hire Insurance. Visit Quote Radar to know more about licenses, insurances and other specifications about driving.


An Introduction To Car Insurance

Whenever you get behind the wheel and start driving your car, you’re taking thousands of pounds of metal and accelerating it all to a high speed. There are a lot of things that could go wrong. What would happen if you lost control of your car and crashed into someone’s house?

What if you accidentally hit someone crossing the street? What if someone else drove their car to yours in any of these unfortunate scenarios? You could ultimately be responsible for repair or medical bills ranging from several hundred dollars if you’re lucky to several hundred thousand dollars if you’re not so lucky most people don’t have that kind of money just lying around, and that’s where car insurance comes in.

Your car insurance company will pay for these monster expenses so that you don’t have to declare bankruptcy every time you get in an accident. So how do you keep your car insurance costs down and still make sure you have enough coverage.

Our first rule of thumb is to shop around. There are dozens, perhaps even hundreds of companies out there who sell car insurance, and all of them are selling essentially the same product. Does this mean you should always go with the least expensive option?

Probably not. You could be sacrificing in terms of responsiveness, ease of access, or professionalism. We’ve typically had good luck with major insurance carriers like Geico or progressive regarding the cost being on the lower end.

However, with decent enough service, it’s quick to compare rates from many of the big insurance companies, and in most cases, you can do so right on their website without even talking to another human.

Source: The Sawaya Law Firm

Uber Insurance Facts For Drivers

So the question begs is, aren’t all drivers supposed to be insured the same way as every other? What is this special uber driver insurance that they need, and how does it work? We’ll we’re here to give you a little bit more insight into how the whole system of this insurance works in the first place. For the most part, there are many misunderstandings and misconceptions when it comes to uber’s insurance policy. With that being said, we’ll simplify it for you as much as we can and give you the most precise and most concise explanation possible.

So as we start, there are three main essential terms for you to remember as you go on. The first one being ‘Third Party Liability Insurance, which means that you are protected from paying damages if it is caused by a body that does not involve you or your mode of transport. ‘Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury insurance.

This means that any form of harm to you or your passengers by another driver on the road with an uninsured or underinsured vehicle will come under a hit and run case. Even in this situation, you are most likely not at fault and are not liable to pay for damages in any case. ‘Contingent comprehensive and collision insurance.

One of the things drivers need to keep in mind is always having their insurance paid up for their vehicle. If the maximum insurance level for their vehicle is about $2500 and is fully paid up, let’s say the automobile suffers an accident with damages resulting up to $3500. Uber will make sure to fully pay that, given your entire premium is paid for.

Source: Investopedia

8 Benefits Of Personal Hire Insurance For Uber Drivers

There are certain benefits for personal hire insurance when it comes to uber to start with. The primary features of this private hire insurance are as follows :

1. The private hire company ensures exclusive insurance coverage, especially for Uber drivers.

2. The period of the insurance policy is highly flexible. You can choose policy months from one, three or even twelve months.

3. A lot of other benefits also come with personal hire insurance.

4. Not just uber cab drivers, but the personal hire insurance policy is very beneficial for Uber eats delivery vehicles as well.

In terms of the three and twelve-month insurance policies, the benefits that people can avail themselves are as follows:

5. Any injury or accident of a personal sense, on or off duty, will be fully covered.

6. Any electrical appliances such as your phone or any other mode of the communication-based device will be fully refurbished or paid for damages.

7. They also provide over a hundred thousand dollars in legal expenses.

8. They also provide cover for drivers with low credit scores. This is very important as most drivers, mainly unskilled work, involve low credibility to avail loans. Therefore they need to have good coverage of their insurance claim.

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