Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review

Software and UI:

Almost all Galaxy series by Samsung works on the TouchWiz UI. And this makes it very easy to use. But for pro users Note 4 has many new things to test out. TouchWiz UI is designed to increase your product and it works well with S Pen, A smart stylus. Samsung has upgraded the pen adding a few more features like you can use a Photo Note now. This app gives you a option to write on the image and resize it as per your need through S-Pen.

Note 4 S-Pen

So if you are having something important to mark on a picture you can use this Photo Note. These additions are important and we can hardly see it in any other phone. The Android OS which is tweaked by Samsung is capable of giving you smooth multitasking capabilities. It is much more easier to work on Multi-Window. You can run a video inne window and  at the same time you can also check your emails on the other. 5.7 inch screen does not fell short at all. All thanks to the powerful hardware it owns. And in feature, we’ll be getting more new updates on the same.

Hardware & Performance:

Now this is another factor that also emphasizes the phone quality. And when it comes to Samsung we can find that, they are always pushing their new model a bit ahead. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is powered by a Quad-Core CPU. The chipset is Qualcomm Snapdragon 805. Where you get a 2.7Ghz cpu, Adreno 420GPU & 3GB RAM. These are not new things but very essential for a phablet. Earlier there were rumors about having a Octa Core processor on the new Note 4. But Samsung stated that they might holding the Octa Core version in their next version.

Note 4 bring a lot of raw power to use. Even after having a heavy TouchWiz UI, the phone does not give you any problem. It will work well smoothly on all apps and games. Playing HD games is amazing. Neither lagging nor freezing. But it will heat up a little while playing for long hours. Performance point of view this device is the best. Talking about the body durability it is essential that you must understand you are using a very costly phone. And having a durable case or cover will give an extra layer protection.

Do not worry about spending on buying a case that can give you waterproof and shockproof qualities. Note 4 come bare loaded with plastic and metal chassis which is not completely durable.


Along with the impressive Hardware and Display, Note 4 could also be a better choice for photography fans. All high end Galaxy series has stunned users with their camera quality. This time Samsung keeps the camera at 16MP. The back camera is powered by optical image stabilization. This technology is enhanced and reused offering you a very stable and clear images. It is also a good selfie phone. You get a 3.7 megapixel camera on the front side. Almost all things are same here. If you had not used any Samsung phone then let me add a bit highlight.

This phone gives you Live HDR and Selective Focus. Almost all modes are smartly added and you have to do minimum changes. Most of the time it is good to keep the phone on auto mode where pictures can be captured through default camera settings. Taking panorama pictures is also very easy as the camera is very accurate here. The front camera and back camera both can be used for taking selfies. You can turn on face detection mode and then take pictures. no need to tap on anything. Just turn it on and give a big smile. The camera will take pictures.

Note 4 also bring out 4K video capturing. And this is amazing. When you enable this feature it is essential that you carry a high speed 32GB or higher SD Card. And viewing those videos on big size TV is also a great experience. Note 4 reared camera takes highly impressive 4K videos.

Battery Backup:

The device is powered by 3220 mAh battery power. It is not a very high jump for the phone but is reasonable enough to give you a long lasting day to day usage. The battery capacity is not changed compared to its predecessor. But additional features like a higher resolution display can demand more power. And the same is applicable to the upgraded hardware. So here battery drains fast when you are playing games for long time. It is good to keep a power bank with you.

One benefit that helps a lot is fast charging. Galaxy Note 4 is loaded with a fast USB charging feature. That means within less time the battery can be filled up and you can use it. This does not mean the battery performance is very bad. No it is good. I will save it is more than a average. But do carry a power back with you. And also buy the special charging cable of Samsung separately because you will get fast charging support on that cable only.

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