5 Hatchbacks With the Best Instrument Clusters

Cars have been a point of fascination for all of us since forever. With the enhancement of technology, they have been getting more and more interesting in all aspects. There’s a lot in cars to hold us in awe. Leaving apart the technical specifications which every die-hard car enthusiast loves to talk about, we will focus more on the aesthetic and layman features of cars in the hatchback variants.

To be more specific we will be focusing on the one thing that captures the attention of the driver of the car once the driver slips behind the wheel. The glance goes first to the steering wheel and then to the instrument cluster, which will be our point of discussion today.

The instrument cluster, unlike the steering wheel, has gone through a barrage of changes with the passage of time. It is also much easier to get variations in the cluster due to many reasons. But we will not be discussing why the cluster has such a wide scope, instead, we will be discussing some of the most interesting and top-performing instrument clusters of the hatchbacks today.

So here goes.

1. Mercedes Benz A-Class


The A-Class is an iconic hatchback that Mercedes rolled out in competition with the Volvo V40. The Mercedes A-Class has perfectly rounded off features that accentuate its hatchback qualities. Since Mercedes does not make too many hatchbacks this model was taking the market with some hype. The instrument cluster also depicted the same rounded-off features of a typical hatchback. The 12.3-inch display is all digital and the quality is superb which means you will hardly ever have to worry about instrument cluster repair and other such issues. The pixels give a pin-sharp image which makes everything very distinguishable on the screen. The colors are on point too. You can switch between  ‘Classic’, ‘Progressive’ and “sporty’ modes depending upon the type of information you want on the screen.

2. Volvo V40


Volvo cars have been known for their safety and the company has been delivering cars that rank high on dependability and safety. The Volvo V40 is no different as it is safer than ever. But that’s all? No. The Volvo V40 is an aesthetically pleasing piece of work and is in competition with the Mercedes A-class. Like the A-class the instrument cluster is digital and has 3 modes to choose from. The Elegance mode gives a balanced performance. Upon changing to the Eco mode the cluster turns the mood lighting and the lighting in the cluster to light green. This helps save fuel but does not affect the performance a lot. When you change to the Performance mode the cluster turns into a red theme and you will notice some exceptional changes in the response and pick up of the car.

3. Mini Cooper S

The new Mini Cooper S is everything the company claims to be. Already into making quality hatchbacks the company rolled out another one with a smart instrument cluster. The cluster like most other cars is all digital and is bright enough to be seen clearly in all lighting. Be it sunny or filled with artificial lighting you will always be able to see the display clearly. With the RPM meter on the left and the gas gauge on the right, the speed is displayed in digits in the center. The whole thing is quite basic and not at all flashy like the other ones so if your taste is bold and simple then this would suit you the best.

4. Hyundai i20 MID 2024


Hyundai has been at the forefront of making cheap but dependable cars for a while. The i20 has been an iconic model for Hyundai as it is a perfect amalgamation of the new-age tech and the dependability of the company. The instrument cluster mounted on the new i20 is all digital and is as bright and vibrant as any other car. The blue theme of the i20 has been carried on in this cluster. The RPM meter is on the right and the speedometer is on the left. These two things take up the most space and very little space in the center is left for the other information to be displayed. This might not work too well with some people but again it is only a matter of choice. The technology behind the console is not that complex so cluster repair is not very difficult. All in all the cluster looks futuristic and will probably make you appreciate the sleek design.

5. BMW series 1

BMW is a leading car manufacturer and is quite popular all over the world. The BMW series 1 was launched and created quite a hype among the buyers. The hatchback has a sporty feel and the instrument cluster is in a similar league. The panel is not all digital and the analog needles give a confident feel. Even with most rival cars sporting digital panels BMW has made sure to integrate enough digital elements with the analog needles. The speedometer and the RPM meter are both analogs. The fuel gauge needle is analog too but the rest of the display is all digital and looks smart. For most customers, this mixture of digital and analog gives a very reliable feel which has worked well for the company over the years.

The instrument clusters are made to display more or less the same information in all cars but they come in all types of designs and themes. The make of the car and the company are taken into account while designing these consoles. These aforementioned clusters are from some of the best hatchbacks the world has seen recently.


Here’s our list of cars having the best-looking instrument clusters across all the segments. It is always better to repair your instrument cluster. When you repair your original instrument cluster panel, it will not need to be coded to your vehicle VIN, since it is still the original cluster, and repairs will not change the odometer reading. At the point when you fix your instrument Cluster at car shops such as UpFix, they utilize new parts that are superior to the firsts.

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