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LG G Watch R Review

UI and features:

The watch runs on a android OS. Which is a common thing adopted by different manufacturer. But on the same hand it also matters a lot whether the UI is easy to use or not. Somehow I am not really much disappointed by the feature that LG G Watch R provides. It is easy to use and has various common features. It does not bring any unique stuff expect the voice commands. The watch fit wells on the first and the controls are also very easy to access. In coming time we can expect more update and more features through the same. Here a lot is required to be done on the UI part. Because that matters. But LG tries to keep the body durable so that you can use it under all condition.

I found the design extremely durable compare to other Android Wearable devices. A extra layer of protection on the same allow you to use it under extreme condition also. Even after that the watch is very comfortable to wear and use. Most of the controls and manages through swiping. You don’t have to tap much. The body is simple but looks very rich. It is easy to notice by anyone that you not wearing regular watch. The bottom leather strap holds a good grip with the wrist. And the watch screen has enough size to read something. There are chances of having some customization on the same in future.

Performance & Battery:

LG G Watch R runs on a Snapdragon 400 processor and provides 4GB storage. For a smart watch this is something high end. It is able to process everything. You can go with a few apps for the watch. In coming time we will be getting a huge amount of the same. The output is good here. It does not lag or free from anyone. The animation on the screen is works well. I was thinking that on high usage the UI might freeze or lg. But this is not a problem here. I think the hardware is enough capable of giving you a long lasting output. Above that the watch has a nice optimized battery power. It runs on 410mAh battery. You can use that for entire 24horus without charging.

It is the best thing about LG G Watch R. Because being a gadget, it is common that you might not get enough battery to use. The good part here is that if you use wisely then you don’t really need to charge the watch again and again every day. It will work well for long time. The biggest advantage LG G Watch R gets is from the OLED display which is lot better over others. This gives the screen very detail quality and does not consume much power. 1.3inch screen I do not think is very small. It is enough to read messages on a tiny window.


You might find LG G Watch R a bit costly product, but if you see the features and if you are really willing to use a wearable gadget then this one is the best to start. Ample of doubts can be cleared by checking out the video review. Because that will actually tell you how it works. As far as I am concerned I like the UI and the build quality. The hardware is also enough good with long lasting battery output. Visibility is amazing here.

You won’t face any problem while using the watch under sunlight. This watch is an fun to use. It comes around Rs.18000 approx in India. And if you go and buy this online then you might have to pay around $299. At this cost you are getting a unique round same OLED screen, Dust & Water Resistance proof design and Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, 1.2GHz cpu. Overall LG G Watch R is the latest and powerful Android Wearable device.

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