6 Reasons Why Cheap Sunglasses Are Bad for Your Eyes

Sunglasses are a favorite summer fashion accessory. That’s why people like to buy multiple in order to be able to have a multitude of different models that they will be able to combine with absolutely any outfit. It is the main reason why many trendsetters prefer to choose the cheaper variants. Quantity over quality. But is it the smartest decision? Glasses, regardless of their purpose, have one main task, to protect the eyes from the sun rays. Their purpose, however, has become an incidental detail while design became a crucial factor in the selection. But, as experts claim, such thinking could be dangerous to your health!

Here are 6 reasons why you should think twice before buying cheap sunglasses.

1. Poor Quality


Quality is often underrated, and many fall under sellers’ persuasion that what they sell is of top quality, just because it looks like the original. Sellers of cheap sunglasses often claim that their glasses are top quality, equal to the glasses you buy on websites like It is easy to believe them because when you go online, they do look almost the same. But the fact is that there are significant differences in quality, which you end up noticing after you buy.

2. UV Lights


We’ve already mentioned how they are an indispensable summer fashion accessory, but they are necessary to protect the eyes from harmful sun rays. Therefore, it is very important to choose glasses that will best protect the eyes, vision, and the area around the eyes.

Cheap sunglasses often have labels on them that “guarantee” they’re not fake. But the truth is that even those labeled “100% UV protection” or “polarized” – often let in harmful UV rays. Such light penetrates your eyes when you wear them, which can cause eye damage if you wear them for a longer time.

On the other hand, sunglasses you buy from the checked seller, certainly have UV protection because they come from proven brands, and are placed on the market in controlled conditions. Sellers can recommend the best sunglasses according to your needs and habits, or outdoor activities.

3. Cheap sunglasses look good, but…


Cheap sunglasses sometimes look identical to premium quality sunglasses. Sometimes they even seem to provide equal protection from sunlight, as we mentioned in the previous point. This makes it easy to believe, but the reality is they can do more harm than good.

One thinks that according to their appearance, i.e. color of the lenses, quality can be recognized. Well, the level of protection from harmful ultraviolet rays has nothing to do with the color of the spectacle lenses and does not depend on how dark the glasses are. It is impossible to feel how much your eyes are really protected while wearing sunglasses. The actual UV protection of the glasses can only be checked by a professional with the help of a specialized device.

It is possible that two different pairs of sunglasses look the same, but one of them provides much better protection from harmful UV rays.

4. Their frames can cause skin irritation


At first glance, some cheap frames may look like more expensive versions of well-known brands. But they are often made of low-quality materials that can cause skin irritation over time. Cheap metal frames often contain nickel alloys that can cause serious skin irritation.

5. Glass quality


Cheap sunglasses often are made of plastic, and real glass. At times this type of plastic is so convincing that it is really hard to tell if it’s not glass. It’s important to know that the quality of the glass on cheap sunglasses is poor because they do not have layers of protection that are important for clearer vision.

6. They can cause wrinkles


Harmful ultraviolet solar radiation can cause sunburn, cataracts, and even cancer. Sunglasses, therefore, protect not only the eyes but also the sensitive skin around them. By wearing quality sunglasses, you delay the formation of wrinkles and protect your eyes from wind, dust, and pollen.

Moreover, long-term wearing and use of inappropriate glasses can lead to headaches, fatigue, redness … So, if you experience unpleasant sensations in your head from time to time, think about what you wear on your eyes, it might be because of your poor choice of sunglasses.

So, now that we know what to avoid, what do the experts say about what to pay attention to when you want to make sure you buy right? Here are some suggestions…

There are a couple of things to pay attention to. The first one would be to choose sellers that are authorized to sell products of certain brands. This will guarantee what you buy is from a quality manufacturer. Secondly, to protect your eye health choose sunglasses that provide complete protection from UV radiation. How will you know which ones provide the most protection? You’ll know this by the declaration. It should state that the glasses block 99 or 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays. The inscription ‘UV 400’ which you see most frequently on the eyewear, means that the glasses provide protection from light rays with a wavelength of up to 400 nanometers, i.e. they completely protect from UV rays. If the sunglasses comply with European standards, for example, they will be marked with the CE mark.

Sunglasses for those who need them while doing sports or some other activity are to be chosen based on the activity. For example, hunters need the kind that will enable them to see perfectly on different contrasts during the day.

Finally, one should never compromise health for fashion. Although cheap can be very tempting, for the same reason we’ve mentioned at the beginning of the article, the consequences it can have on your health are sometimes too much.

‘Definitely before buying one should check the certificate that every sunglasses should have. The fact that the glasses are dark does not mean that they protect better from UV radiation. Namely, solar radiation blocks the material itself and the coating is colorless.

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