Want to Be a Sudoku Pro? Here Are Tips & Tricks to Trump Your Opponent’s Score

Sudoku helps enhance your brainpower, and the virtual version of the game is as exciting as the offline one. This game has been played by us in magazines, papers and activity books for years now.

It is one of the most popular puzzle games across the world. Just like your body needs physical activity, your mind also often requires you to flex your brain muscles. Playing Sudoku is one of the best things you can do during these pandemic blues to keep your mind active. Sudoku is often prescribed to people as it reduces the chances of developing Alzheimer’s.


It keeps your brain active and your mind fresh. So if you feel bored, Sudoku is one of the most refreshing activities you can take up. It even helps in improving your memory as the game includes 100% focus and logic. It stimulates your mind and allows you to quicken up your learning abilities. If you have been facing difficulty concentrating on work or studies recently, play the sudoku game online by clicking here

There are multiple benefits of playing the game. Even if you are facing anxiety and stress, play Sudoku as it promotes a healthy mindset and helps in reducing anxiety. The sense of accomplishment is also another good feeling of winning a round of Sudoku. In this blog, we will talk about some tips and tricks that will help you win against your opponent.

  1. Scan rows and columns: The first tip that we will give you is to scan rows and columns within your grid. This technique will enable you to eradicate numbers and squares to identify situations when only one candidate can fit in. If you have just started playing online, we would suggest you play a few free games to understand how this works. The scanning technique will help you solve the puzzle quickly. It also comes in handy for beginners who are a little unsure about where to start from. You can find various squares that are easy to solve.
  1. Use pencil marking: Secondly, if you’re playing online, use a pencil to write the possible solutions. We are pretty sure that you have used this technique while solving Sudoku puzzles in newspapers and magazines. It is a great way to solve Sudoku puzzles. The best part is that you will find a pencil mode on the leading applications. This way, you can write three digits in particular blank and erase them at a later time. Entering temporary numbers will not reduce your score. Pencil marking is another way to trump your opponent’s score because it will give you a clear idea about how to go ahead.
  1. Try to avoid guesswork: We always give our readers a tip to avoid guesswork. This can break your game. If you are unsure, do not just go ahead based on guesswork, as it is generally based on logic. Each blank square in the 9×9 grid has only one right answer. There is no point in guessing because it will ultimately lead to getting stuck. You might even lose a life if you enter the incorrect number in a blank square. Try to use logic because Sudoku is a logic-based puzzle. You can never win with guesswork.
  1. Practice with a timer: If you are practicing, it is better to do that with a timer. Since it is a time-based puzzle game, there is no point in being right after the timer elapses. Each game generally lasts for four minutes. It would help if you had a higher score than your partner to win the game but within the specified time limit. If you set a timer while practicing Sudoku, you will become better at the game. There are plenty of free practice games on several sites. The timer will help you raise the speed of scanning grids.
  1. Fill in the highlighted boxes: The game on the leading apps also features highlighted boxes or green prompts within the game. You can make the most of the green starts if you find random blank squares highlighted. Be careful when a box remains highlighted for only a few seconds.

You have to be fast in finding the right solution to grab the bonus points. So these are a few things that you need to keep in mind to win Sudoku. It is a logic-based game, and thus, it helps you exercise your brain muscles.

If you want to rejuvenate at the end of the day, this online game can save you. To win the games, you have to know a few things about hidden pairs, grid highlighting, swordfish technique in Sudoku, etc. You have to look out for unique rectangles and play strategically so that you can win exciting cash prizes.

This is the right time to enjoy your time by playing Sudoku. We are pretty sure that you have plenty of free time at the end of the day. It will keep your mindset fresh because it also promotes healthy competition.

The pandemic has made us stay at home and find out ways to stay active. Sudoku is one of the most popular games that is played online. It is better to stay at home and play such games given the current situation. To know how the pandemic has positively impacted the gaming industry, read this Forbes blog.

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