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Download Lost Planet 3 Save Game Full

As its name suggest Lost Planet 3 is the third episode of well known Action packed game developed by Capcom and Spark Unlimited for all major gaming consoles like PS3, Xbox and PC. We got several request from our users and members for Save game file for this game on our community. Hence i started playing the game and thought to share my 100% completed save game. If you are playing Lost Planet 3 and stuck somewhere, just download the Save File from below and move ahead without wasting anymore time. By the way, Lost Planet 3 is the best so far in this game series with stunning Action, Story and of course amazing Graphics. You can enjoy this game in Solo as well as MultiPlayer mode with your friends. After Saints Row 4, this is the best game of the month from my point of view. If you have played first two episodes of Lost Planet, you are surely gonna love LP3 as well.

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