The Best Romantic Destinations You and Your Loved One Might Want to Visit

Romance is not dead. Don’t act like it is. The world is full of romantic stories and places. Even one of the most popular manga of all time, One Piece starts with a chapter that’s called The Romance Dawn. But we’re stray from Japanese manga, but might as well visit them later one. First, we’re going to ride the romance train. If you’re in love as we write and you read this, there’s no better place to be. Why? Well, we’re going to dedicate our writing skills and geographical knowledge in an attempt to connect you with the most romantic cities and locations you can visit with your loved one.

This won’t be a long article, so we won’t cover all destinations we would like, but the list will fit the bill if you plan on making a surprise for your prettier half. Some of this you probably already have on your bucket list, but others might surprise you. Either way, let’s see the best romantic destinations you and your loved one might want to visit. We’re going to start with a less known Mecca of romance, Palm Springs, California.

Palm Springs, California


California is an ideal place for romance. Palm Springs fit any romantic out there, we assure you. It offers plenty in terms of tourism as it offers various gondola rides, warmth, and hiking. If you’re up for it, Chino Canyon calls you, and you can also rest at Estrella Spa or Azure Spa Palm Springs. It’s romantic, trust us. Those who have been, know what we’re talking about. It’s the place where you’d probably love to have taken your ex-wife.

Paris, France

Now, the tourism and romance Mecca, Paris. No list of this type can’t be made without the capital of France. City of lights welcomes loved ones with open arms, and as you probably know, it offers everything people in love might want. This European capital attracts millions of tourists each year, and it is a must-see in any capacity for all of us. Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame, you choose it, as both places are a match made in heaven for those in love. Whatever you do, and whatever you plan, be sure to put Paris on your list.

Odessa, Ukraine


Yes, Ukraine has been pushed into turmoil in recent years, but as soon the situation is calmed you should head right there. This city is located on the Black Sea and is one of the favorite destinations for both Ukrainians and Russians. It offers beautiful architecture, pretty backyards, warm summers, and that sea sensation all of us love plenty.  Back in the day, many Russian novelists described it in long lines, including Pushkin and Dostoevsky. The list gets even longer as Leo Tolstoy, Gogol, Jules Verne, and Balzac have a history tied to this city. There’s a claim that if you walk down Bunin Street, and smell the acacias in bloom you can fall in love and even get married. If this is what you plan to do, be sure to visit

Venice, Italy

Of course, it’s Venice. A city built on water channels is a place where you want to take your girlfriend or a spouse. Northern Italy is beautiful in itself and this city is its jewel. Yes, people might claim that there are too many tourists, but don’t let others ruin your plans or mood. Gondolas, beautiful cathedrals, movie festivals, plenty to see in every corner of this beautiful location. Let us tell you that Venice is built on more than hundreds of smaller islands. There’s just no place like it in the world. St. Mark’s Square is a place you’d want to see with your loved ones as it will create a lifetime of memories.



Now, this is a place you must see with your partner. It often gets overlooked, but that shouldn’t be the case. It’s surrounded by others, more popular, Caribbean islands, but that doesn’t take any of its beauty, trust us. You can go there by airplane, and once you land, you’ll never want to leave. There you can enjoy numerous beaches, sunsets and sunrises, and also the world’s second-biggest barrier reef. The sea life will thrill both you and your partner. You should book tickets right now, as this place will not leave you indifferent.

Krabi, Thailand

Yes, this is the location of those movies you saw. It will take your breath not due to the fact you already know what to expect, but due to beaches that look better than on TV, the food that tastes better than anything you ever saw, and also the low cost of the stay. There are numerous beaches all over the place, with Koh Samui and Phuket being those that stand out in popularity. The landscape over there is nothing short of amazing, and you’ll be glad you took our advice and visited.

Marrakesh, Morocco


Not the first place you’ll visit when thinking about romance, but trust us, Marrakesh will break all of your expectations. This African city is the home to multiple palaces, mosques, historic locations, and if you’ll believe us, gardens. Once you’re there you’ll have a feeling that you took a time travel and that now you’re in the 12th century. This place has aged like a fine wine, and there’s no better place to try out some of the Moroccan finest with your loved one.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Again with Italy, but with a  good reason. Amalfi Coast is by far the prettiest, or close to it, you’ll ever witness in your lifetime. The sunsets here are something different, and you won’t experience anything like it at the Tyrrhenian Sea. Most places here that offer accommodation offer plenty of views in which you’ll fall in love in no time. What attracts tourists to Amalfi Coast the most are the views, seafood, and chances to take some of the most memorable photos in your lifetime. The warmth of this place will strengthen the bond between you and your partner without a doubt the same way the hammer bends the hot iron.

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