Some Helpful Tips to Pass the Australian Citizenship Test

Every country in the world has its own rules and protocol on how a foreigner becomes their resident. For some it is easy, it is enough to apply and submit a few documents, but in other countries, where migration is more pronounced, it can be a quite time-consuming and complicated task. You’ve probably heard that some people have lived in countries like Canada, USA, and Australia for years and have not yet acquired the right to citizenship. These are examples of the largest such countries, but there are certainly smaller ones around the world, where the condition for obtaining citizenship is to pass the test.

This test is similar to the ones we did at school. You have a question and you need to choose one of the offered answers. When you apply for Australian citizenship, you will get a test at some point, so it is a good idea to start practicing before that happens. For this purpose, there are web services like, where you can find questions that are usually part of this test and know what to focus on.

Today we will not talk about the conditions you need to meet to apply for Australian citizenship, as we assume you are already informed. as soon as you look for tips for easier learning for this test.

However, it is important to know that by collecting citizenship, you get a lot more rights and responsibilities in the country, as follows:


– You are protected from every possible aspect

– All laws apply to you and your family

– You have the right to vote

– You have more options for education

– You can work in the government sector

– You should not be afraid of deportation

– You are equally responsible before the law as those who are already there

– You get a passport that may be more powerful than the one you have

All these aspects should motivate you to dedicate yourself to learning the theoretical part of the test, which will solidify your path to the desired document.

The Australian Citizenship Test is often known simply as ACT, and in order to pass it, you need to understand the questions, practice, and then check your answers before you take it.

We will try to help you with some useful tips:


1. Test your knowledge first, without learning anything

This will give you an idea of where you are and what you need to focus on. In reality, Australia is a large country and many people around the world subconsciously know a lot of information, even more than they think they know. Therefore, it is good to check your knowledge and discover the answers that you are familiar with, but also those to which you need to devote more time. That way you will track a record of everything you do and it will be easier for you to focus on the test.

2. Find the proper resources

English is spoken in Australia, which means it will be very easy for you if it is your mother tongue. But since we are learning from children, it should not be a problem to get to the heart of the matter and learn what we need to know about this test. Resources are often available online, and even practicing services cover many topics and aspects, which will surely help you to read and memorize the answers.


3. Make notes whenever you learn something new

If you’ve practiced this method at school, you know for a fact that it can be very helpful in remembering the facts. Feel like you have to prepare for the exam. Read the contents of the resources carefully and take notes, so that it is easier for you to focus on the essence.

4. Get familiar with the content

As already mentioned, the questions are offered with a choice of answers, but the authorities there use it to check if you are competent and if you can accept the responsibilities of citizenship.

In the first part of the test, you should dedicate yourself to the history and traditions of Australia, state symbols, holidays, legends, and traditions and this is the most interesting part of the test.

The second part is dedicated to the current political situation, democracy, and how it defines Australian culture.

And of course, the most difficult part is the third, because you need to learn about today’s legal system and laws and how they are applied by citizens.

However, all three parts are important and you should have answered exactly at least 75% of them in order to continue processing your citizenship application.


5. Make a list of incorrectly answered questions

When doing a practicing test, it is good to know how to detect your weaknesses. That way you can spend more time on topics that are not your strong point and based on that, try to get better results. The easiest way to overcome difficulties is to know what your weaknesses are in general. You can apply this advice to other aspects of your life because that way you overcome the obstacles you have.

6. Do not ignore the fun part of the test

Australia is a country of many important events for the whole world. Also, many popular politicians, actors, and music stars were born there. The world’s cultural heritage is rich in names and works, as well as an authentic culture that originates from this country. Get familiar with all of that. Go into detail and even learn the important dates in the history of this country. All this provides you with an easier qualification for the next stage, ie the interviews and the final stages of processing your citizenship application.



As you can see, this is something you can not skip, so it is important to focus on materials and resources to learn the questions for this test. Do not be discouraged, because once you have the desired document, many of your dreams are already more accessible to you than ever.

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