Did Microsoft leaked Build 9888 for Windows 10 Technical Preview

Microsoft released final Build ‘9879’ for Windows 10 recently for testing throughout the public and confirmed that they wont be releasing anymore builds soon. But still the company seems to be sharing new Builds with their partner for testing and not for the Windows insiders. But somehow the newest build got leaked with Build Number 9888.

Some people got their eye on the leaked build and downloaded/uploaded it on some file sharing sites. People who don’t have patience for official Build to be released, they can check it out by simply downloading it. But, as its been said, this is a leaked build, not officially released by Microsoft, you will have to install it on your OWN RISK.

Windows 10 Build 9888

Windows 10 Build 9888 doesn’t bring many changes as compared to the last official Build 9879 which included several new features and change log for selective sync in OneDrive, Three Finger gestures, new design for icons and hide new taskbar buttons, along with bugs fixes and other stuffs.

This Build 9888 represents the updated Animations for the tasks that are running and context menus. It also brings a change in the game, as there is the single default app for settings and with a new NT kernel version 10.0 which is a huge jump from kernel version 6.4. There are more features yet to be discovered, you can possibly do it by yourself by exploring deep into the Build and don’t forget to mention and share it in comment section for other readers who are also on the same track.

Microsoft will be soon introducing the whole new set of Windows 10 consumer features at January event. So all we can do is wait and expect to see some features from the leaked Build 9888.

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