5 Things to Look for When Buying a Wireless Microphone for Your Phone

In today’s age of modern technology, we are constantly looking for new, more practical solutions. Everything that is outdated and impractical is slowly falling into oblivion, while wireless alternatives that provide more flexibility come into play. This is exactly what happened with the microphone area. Wired microphones have played an important role in the past, but with the development of wireless microphones it has been possible to record while on the go, without worrying about cables.

Today, a large number of people choose to purchase wireless microphones for their phones because this provides them with easier video and podcast recording, facilitates packing when traveling and provides a number of other benefits. Still, some find it hard to decide which one is the best for them because there are so many options out there. That is why in the text below we share with you some of the main things to look for when buying a wireless microphone for cell phone.


1. Which type of wireless microphone for phone makes the most sense

The first step when considering choosing the perfect wireless microphone for your phone is to think about which type of microphone would make the most sense for you. Do you want a system with a handheld microphone or would a wireless lavalier microphone for phone work better for your needs? Depending on what content you create and how, the type of microphone that will be most practical for your needs will be different. For some people, headset microphones are most useful because they give them the right sound or simply fit into their overall recording style. There is no right or wrong here, the right type of microphone for you is the one that best fits your individual wishes and needs.

2. Which size is convenient enough for you

The next parameter to consider is the size of the wireless microphone for the mobile phone. Wireless microphones come in a wide range of different sizes, so there are those that are really small and almost invisible, and there are also some larger units. If you mostly film on the go or travel quite often, then a small wireless microphone for the phone is definitely a more practical option, as it leaves you plenty of room in your suitcase, and is also much easier to handle.

However, this is not important in some situations, for example, if the system will be installed in an office, studio or classroom. In this case, a large microphone may be more desirable, because it will fit better into the interior, and it may provide you with exactly the performances you need. Here, a larger microphone might be a better option for you.

Synco has made a line of wireless microphones for mobile phones that are very small and easy to carry in pockets or to hang on a collar. They also provide great performance, so this can be your go to wireless lapel microphone for android phone or for your iPhone.


3. Microphone latency

The next thing to keep in mind when choosing a wireless microphone is its latency. Latency refers to how long it takes for an analog audio signal to be translated into digital binary code. With wireless microphones for phones, this period is quite long, but this is not the case for every single one of them. If low latency is really important to you, on the market you can find microphones that offer negligible latency. On the other hand, for some, latency is not that important, so this parameter may not be of any significance for them.

4. Is the battery life satisfactory

Does the video recording in your case take several hours? Is it important to you that the microphone battery survives during that period so that you can finish your task without any obstacles? If this is your situation then it is necessary to pay special attention to the battery life of the wireless microphone for the phone. However, you need to keep in mind that sometimes it is smart to set priorities.

For example, sometimes small and practical microphones that are easy to carry and travel with come with a battery that has a short lifespan. In such cases, you may need to determine what your main priority is and then choose the option that best fits your priorities. Of course, there are microphones out there that provide quite good performance for each of these parameters, but if one is particularly important to you, you may have to choose it at the expense of others.


5. How big the range is

And the last thing you want to consider when buying a wireless microphone for an android phone is how big its range is. For some wireless microphones the range is really small – only a few meters. For others, this range can be several hundred feet. Depending on how far away you are from the subject you will want to adjust the microphone range. Always ensure that the microphone has a longer range than you think you will need, just in case.

However, for some the range of the microphone does not play a significant role, so there is no need to choose the one with a larger one if it will not benefit you in any way. The reason why it is desirable to adjust the range of the microphone to your needs is that this parameter can significantly affect its price. Why would you pay extra money if you think that extra range will not be important to you?


Wireless microphones for phones have proven to be a great option in the last few years, so more and more people want to try them out. If this is your first purchase of a wireless microphone it is important to keep in mind a few things: which type of wireless microphone for phone makes the most sense for you, which size is convenient enough, microphone latency, its battery life, as well as its range. When you consider all these parameters you will be able to make the best choice for yourself.

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