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White-Label Vs. Self-Serve DSP: Which Can Help You Scale?

Programmatic advertising ecosystem, like all others, has multiple elements to it which makes it a bit complicated but when explained thoroughly it is easy to understand. One of the key elements in this ecosystem is DSP or demand-side platforms that consist of different platforms, but Self-serve DSPs and White Label DSPs are the most used and most abundant.

Whether white label or self-serve DSPs are superior, is one question that comes up frequently. It’s also often believed that these two concepts are interchangeable. They’re both good in their ways, but one stands out from the other thanks to its unique characteristics. We won’t waste your time with a pros and cons list, instead will tell you that white label DSPs are preferable to self-serve ones. The reasons for that are plenty but the main one is because self-serve DPS is a third-party automatic platform that allows you to buy ad impressions in real-time. It has a great add functionality and it is a gateway to hundreds of traffic sources but since it is a third-party platform you will need to pay for their services and they range from 10% to 30% of your spending which is not that little.

White label DSP stands for “demand-side platform,” a type of demand-side technology that helps firms personalize and automate their ad sales. There are several reasons why ad networks require a white label DSP as suggested by Targetoo. This is the alternative to the self-serve DSP which you have to pay for when using. This type of DSP allows you to create your own, in-house DSP. You will create your demand side platform without investing in development. Thanks to ready-to-use RTB technology you can have a faceless, but multifunctional DSP and brand it with your name and logo.

Source: edu.affiliate.admitad.com

Why Affiliate Marketers Require White Label DSP

First, there is no need to hire expensive agencies or “specialists” to find prime advertising space; this process may be carried out entirely automatically.

Most businesses will appreciate the openness of this procedure. Additional monthly savings are possible with white-label DSP. While self-serve DSP may have a hefty markup, white label DSP typically only includes the technology fee, making it more cost-effective in the long run. Another reason why you should consider white-label DSP is because you can consolidate your media buying in one account and you can create a whole ad-tech company around your DSP. Another thing you need to consider is that as a DSP owner you can also create self-serve accounts for other users and charge them for the service. The last but not the least thing is that with your DSP you have 100% transparency and you don’t haggle with middlemen for traffic.

To automate media purchases by real-time bidding, use a self-serve DSP. This is an auction; thus, the participating advertisers will submit bids, and as with any auction, the highest bidder will win. You’ve probably used many of the several self-serve ad systems examples below. Several large IT companies provide such a platform.

The prevalence of social media is a notable case in point. Advertisements for these channels can be viewed and selected by media buyers through their specialized internet portals. Businesses might research relevant demographics to determine where their target audience spends the most time online to ensure their advertisements reach the intended consumers.

Commercial formats might range from display to video to audio to others. It’s available to view on numerous social networking websites. Self-service DSPs are beneficial for e-commerce platforms. You’ve probably noticed this: when you want to buy anything online, a slew of advertising for other stuff pops up on your screen.

Commonly referred to as “white labeling,” ad networks must offer more than simply advertisements to attract and maintain users; DSP is one method. If they use this solution, they will have a central hub to control all of their promotional efforts. When ad networks wish to provide more than just advertising, they should cooperate with a white-label DSP.

Source: datachannel.co

Which is the Best Platform For ROI?

Every company has several things on their mind and ROI or return on investment is one of them and one of the important ones. Every investment you make as a business should return bigger and better. This is a sign of good business and good practice. ROIs are watched everywhere and that means that marketing services are affected as well. As we mentioned, both Self-Service and White-Label DSP are good for a business but when it comes to RIO, White-Label DSP returns so much more. While self-serve DSPs provide extensive data and transparency, white-label DSPs offer even more insight. There may be repercussions for your company and the ability to serve relevant advertisements.

This is not to say that companies do not see a return on investment (ROI) from self-serve DSPs; they still have their merits. However, the addition of this information could prove extremely useful.

White-label DSPs are prefabricated for use. Once you’ve constructed your DSP, you’ll find that tweaking its settings is a breeze. As a result of these improvements, we prefer it over self-service. When compared to the white label, self-service has no advantages. However, white-label DSPs come with their own set of exclusive characteristics. White labels are highly suggested if you want complete oversight of your advertising’s effectiveness if you want quicker and more controlled expansion and if you want to utilize your new branded DSP service to offer to others as a means of extra funding. As you could read you have an option of starting a new ad company revolving around your heavily optimized and personalized DSP and profit from it even more.

With these white label DSPs, you have a lot more options in both dimensions from return on your investment to options regarding your ads and marketing. With good people behind this, the sky can be the limit.

For every company that is serious about doing business, these things are a must. Depending on the budget, the personnel in the company, the plan and the goal you have two clear options for advertisement in this sector and those have been discussed. The one that you will pick will depend on what you can, want and plan to achieve.

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