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Apple iPad Air 2 Review


No doubt that iPad Air 2 can be put in the list of a powerful tablet. This time it is having a 64bit processor which pushes the performance a lot higher. It is having a 64bit A8X-chip which gives you a good output and smooth multi-tasking. This thing is not really possible in low end hardware. The tablet runs on a tri core processor. It is an A8X chip. And further to make your graphic output lot more better the tablet also has a quad core graphic card. Without which the graphic quality would be very dull.

iPad Air 2 is having a 2GB ram that makes multi-tasking a lot more better. All apps and games work very well on the same. This tablet is great for app usage, is amazing for gaming and also good for multimedia. Performance while you will never fell that you are using a low end tablet. You can use various apps on it like apps for video editing, for sound edition or for simply making your images lot more better. This tablet earns a good score in benchmarking also.


For all tablets connectivity matters a lot. If there are no common connectivity options then you might not be really happy in using such devices. But here iPad Air 2 has everything you need. It comes with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 version; it comes with Airplay and also with Airdrop support. It has a Wi-Fi boost that amplify the wifi bandwidth offering you a lot more better streaming and data transfer ability.

The tablet has around two antennas in it, so that there would be minimum packet loss on the same. If you are on a high speed network you will surely enjoy web surfing on it. There are two versions available where you will get a 16GB and 32GB. It is always good to go with a 32GB version because 16GB is very less according to me. If you go with the 16GB version then you get around 11GB to use which is quiet less I think.

iOS 8.1:

The new iPad Air 2 comes loaded with the latest iOS 8.1 OS which is better and effective. The new UI is good here and the OS is also bit loaded with lots of bug fixes. Like there is less wifi and battery issues on the same. I am quite happy to have such fixes on the same. Because it will be very annoying to have such a costly model and then to deal with bugs on it.

The messages app on the same is having a bit make over. You get a nice keyboard to send message. It is fast and easy to use. Airdrop is something new here. But it was available before also. Still it is better and I am quite sure it will help you to watch videos on different devices. It has a Family Sharing option where you can share the content of your tablet with six other family members. And this also includes sharing paid items. This will be very helpful. Like you had bought a book and you can now share the same with 6 other members of your family.

This new iOS update also gives you a better integration with iCloud Drive. So that you can keep your data on multiple locations. There is one more interesting feature in Continuity. It gives you to use your device with your pc in a better way. But it only works with latest OS X Yosemite.


The new iPad Air 2 is having a much enhanced camera. This camera will let you to take more clear pictures. The camera is boosted to 8MP where images are better and nice. The view finder is also great making your image very clear to take. Here you can take some great high resolution pictures and enjoy videos also on the same. I am quite happy with a camera upgrade here.

Battery Life:

iPad Air 2 runs on a 7340mAH battery. Instead of increasing the battery life is reduced from 8600mAh. This can be due to the design which is not having much space to fit a big battery. If you see an old version it is having 20% more batter power than iPad Air 2. This might affect the usage to some existent. But if you are going to use this heavily then you can try carrying a power bank with you. It will offer you a few hours of good battery output.


iPad Air 2 is no doubt a great tablet but is also very costly. It brings you a new hardware and a great design. For those who want a premium tablet model can go with this. It also gives you a nice camera and you can get great pictures and videos from the same. The touch ID here adds an extra layer of protection on it. One of the biggest drawback this portable tablet is having that it does not comes with Micro SD Card slot. Which matters a lot. That is why going for the 64GB version is quiet important.

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