Google Nexus 6 Review

Performance & Battery Life:

Nexus 6 is a very good phone in terms of performance. It is powered with Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chipset that gives you a cutting edge performance. It is very much near to Note 4 and Note Edge. The device is loaded with 2.6 GHz and 3GB RAM. This makes it an ultimate performance device. It is a 64bit device that is capable of running of all kind of HD games. Nexus 6 also consists of Adreno 420 graphic processor which will enhance the gaming output and will make it lot more better.

These kinds of Smartphone are kind of all rounder where you don’t really need any major upgrades. You have this amazing Quad HD display where you can play a lot of games and simply enjoy great multi-tasking. This phone is like a true combination of power and amazing display quality. But on the other hand, it also affects the overall battery output of the phone. The phone runs on 3220mAH battery which is great enough to give you long lasting display, only if you optimize the device well. Large screen also put pressure on the battery more if your screen brightness is set to maximum. Benchmarking reports simply proxies that Nexus 6 is a high end phone with great output and capable of doing things beyond limit.


Google Nexus 6 is a high-end Smartphone with great features and amazing performance. The device comes in two versions which are 32GB and 64GB. The big screen looks great and the touch quality is also amazing. I am sure if you have the phone in your hand you might not feel to have any other model. Even after being a very costly phone it gives you almost everything that you want.

There are similar models which are more costly than this but somehow Nexus 6 promises various things. It is durable and good phone offering you a high end chipset and great features also. Compare to other high end phablet Nexus 6 gets a bit less expensive in terms of price. You are getting a good 6inch display on the same with snapdragon 400 chipset which produce great performance.

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