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Windows 10 Build 10166 Now Available for Download to Windows Insiders

Hardly 20 days are left for the worldwide release of Windows 10 and Microsoft has revealed a new Build for Windows Insiders. It is Build 10166 officially announced by Microsoft yesterday. Just like Windows 10’s previous three Builds which were released last week, this week’s new Build also focuses on bug fixing and giving a polish to Windows 10.

“Build 10166. Just like the 3 Builds we released last week, this Build is all about bug fixing and fit-and-finish,” said Gabe Aul.

Windows 10 logo stillss

Build 10166 does not come with major improvements in Windows 10, but what’s new in Build 10166 is, Insiders living in Seattle area can purchase and use the paid Wi-Fi through Windows Store via the Microsoft Wi-Fi app. For this you just have to download the Microsoft Wi-Fi app on your Windows 10 device and then you can easily buy Wi-Fi anywhere according to your need. It also brings new Windows 10 SGK preview.

With new SDK in Build 10166 Microsoft has also announced a new Windows 10 Application Development tool named as “WinAppDeployCmd.exe”. It is a command line utility that Windows Developers can use to deploy Universal Windows applications on a Windows 10 PC or a Windows 10 phone.

Microsoft Edge may also get many bug fixes with Build 10166 and it also has Localhost loopback enabled by default. Build 10166 is rolling for Windows Insider on Fast ring and the Insider on Slow ring will get it after some time. You can also download the ISO of Windows 10 form here.

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