Apple Watch Review – Small Yet Amazing SmartWatch

Wearable gadgets are slowly taking their pace and might one day overcome Smartphones. The reason is because they are handier. Today we will be talking about one of the best innovation when it comes to a wearable gadget. It is Apple Watch. This small yet powerful smartwatch is something unique and worth to checkout. The watch comes in three variation with three different price. That you can buy directly from Apple’s official website.

The first variation is 38mm stainless steel with white sports band that around $549 (Rs.35000 approx).The second variation in this 42mm stainless steel case with white sports band for $599 (Rs.38000 approx) and the last one is 38mm stainless steel with black sports band that around $549 (Rs.35000 approx).

Apple Watch Variants

The cost varies on the basis of watch variant. But it is a very impressive and amazing model. We will be checking out the features of the same in more detail. Apple Watch is exclusive and when it comes to Apple you don’t have to worry about its output.

Apple Watch Specifications:

  • OS – WatchOS
  • Display – Sapphire crystal display. 38mm capacitive touch Screen. Digital Scroll Down.
  • Sensors – Ambient light, Accelerometer, Gyroscope & Heart rate.
  • Connectivity – Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy  & Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz
  • Battery – 18 Hours
  • Case – Stainless Steel Case.
  • Band – Leather


Apple Watch has a stainless steel case. Although it has a small body, but it is very easy to use. The screen size is around 38mm only that makes it a small screen device. But the controls and navigation are pretty easy. It has a power button and scroll wheel on the side.  It has a very unique round shape charge that fits on the backside.

Apple Watch Design

The watch looks very unique when you wear it. It is not like the regular smart watch you are using usually. The body is having a steel case but we do not really think that this makes it a waterproof or dust proof design. Instead of having any kind of charging port on the sides it has one on the back panel. In the form of a round circles. There are also unique docks for the watch that you can use to separately charge them.

Once the battery is fully loaded the watch is going to work around 18hours continuous. This watch looks best when you are having a separate steel or chain based band. It also comes in gold edition. The most entry level version of the watch is made from Aluminum.

Apple Watch Review

It would also be the cheapest one but as you keep on checking for new version you will also find heavier in gold and also it is very high in price. Apple site offer you to do a few customization on the body. The entry level model is also the lightest one. You won’t feel any weight when you wear it.


Apple does not give you anything for a costly price. They give you a unique yet a very innovative and powerful model. The watch is having a Sapphire crystal display. This is unique and offers you an ultra-smooth touch support. The watch is not having any kind of pixilation issue on the small screen. It looks the screen is designed to work well on low power usage. Compare to this other screen eats more battery that reduces it overall usage.

Apple Watch Display

The screen output is nice here. Most apps work well. The OS is specially designed for the watch. That plays a huge role in giving you colorful icons and impressive background. Here what we think that if there is a smartwatch then we must have a bigger display. It helps us to have better multimedia experience rather on a very small screen. There is a 42mm version also that has a big bigger resolution.


Apple Watch is a highly featured device. It is not something like you are using regularly. Apple has provided some pre-installed apps that make your job lot easier. It is a very simple yet easy to use device. But it does have a lot of performance power.

Apple Watch Display 2

The device has a Force Touch Display that gives you a very smooth and extra smart output. Like when you are zooming in, the watch will show you face of a photos automatically. Customization is also very simple on the same. It is not very hard to operate. Thanks to those optimized watch app. It can be a ideal tracker for your health also.  It gives you a heart rate monitor, activity tracker, etc. And there are other more apps you can test on this.


Performance wise it is still limited as it is only a watch. You can connect your phone through Bluetooth or wifi with the Watch. It is not having any direct audio jacks nor does it come with any kind of internal storage. It is just a smart controller for your device. The watch looks very nice but when it comes to a high end usage it a limited option. We hardly see any impressive smart watch now-a-days in the market. Compare to other Apple Watch might be costly but it is not a bad model. There are some third party apps that work well, but some has issue. As it is not a full fledge model with a high end CPU and ram support. Whatever hardware it has, it is limited. If in future there are more third party apps then it will be lot more easily for you to operate the same.

Battery Life:

Being a smart watch it is also important that it must have a long battery life. So that you don’t have to charge it again and again after few hours. As per Apple’s official configuration the watch can perform up to 18 hours once loaded. It is not having a regular charger. It is round shape charger that sites on the backside of the watch. So here if you lose the charger then you have to buy exactly the same. No regular charger can work on the same. I found the battery life great here. If you do not use it much for calling purpose the watch can work well for more than 24hours. Most of the batter is used up in Bluetooth and wifi usage. You can use Power Reserve mode to gain a few more hours.


Apple Watch is costly but a effective model. For those who are looking for a luxurious smart watch brand and also wants some customization on the same. The watch is nice to use and you can surely impress your friends with this. Another thing you must note down that when it comes to Apple Watch then it works well with Apple devices mostly. There are apps that are designed to sync with iOS not with other devices. So buying only Apple watch would be a bad choice. The price of this watch remains between Rs.30000 to Rs.35000 depending on the model you want. There is a costly gold edition also.

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