Samsung Galaxy S7 Scores 5423 on Geekbench’s multi-core test with Snapdragon 820

Rumors and leaks of Samsung’s next Flaghsip ‘Galaxy S7’ as already started on web. Today, a new report says that the Galaxy S7’s Snapdragon 820 powered variant scored really good score on Geekbench. It seems to top with 2456 in single-core and 5423 in the multi-core test. That’s really impressive.

Samsung Galaxy S7

The reason i used ‘variant’ is because, as we know, all Samsung Flagships come in two variants. It continues with Samsung Galaxy S7 also having a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and a Exynos 8890 variant. The Qualcomm variant will be available for US and China, while the rest of the world will get Exynos variant, as usual.

Coming to the performance, according to the scores it is clear that Snapdragon 820 variant users will not need to worry at all about performance, while we still dont have the results of Exynos variant but we can expect the same performance from that too. Earlier we also saw a report revealing some rumored specs of Galaxy S7.

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