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Facebook Messenger Gets ‘Photo Magic’ Facial Recognition Feature

In past couple of days, Facebook has added several new features into its Messenger app including Uber Transport integration, new Emojis, Nicknames, Color Threads and lots more. Today they have rolled out yet another feature called ‘Photo Magic’.

FB Photo Magic

This is a facial recognition feature added to the messenger that recognizes people in the newly captured image and notifies you to send the picture to them also. It makes it convenient to send the picture to everybody in the photo by automatically creating the group thread. This feature can be turned off or on anytime from the Settings > Timeline and Tagging section.

The technology used behind this ‘Photo Magic’ feature is the same used in Facebook Moments and photo tagging. It is now rolling out for everyone after being tested for a month in Australia. Users only in Canada and EU has to wait some more time to get Photo Magic feature.

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