YU’s New Flagship Coming this Month, Watch the Teaser

It’s been about 5 months since Yu launched a  Flagship smartphone back in December last year called YUTOPIA. Now, they are all set for the next flagship which is still unknown. No name, no details so far. But we have its first teaser showing the company’s CEO Rahul Sharma breaking a ship model with hammer. Well, that means Yu’s new Flagship will is going to break all other flagships available in the market. We will see that later, as of now, let’s watch the Teaser:

This new YU Flagship is said to be releasing later sometime this month but its name will be reveal soon, probably before the launch. Rahul calls it ‘Nothing short of Incredible’. Well seems impressive. Let’s see what all he says about the new Flagship, as a hint for all of us:

Post the YUTOPIA launch, we have been working at a different clock speed and momentum to break all that’s conventional and boring.

Excited to tell you all that our next device is round the corner and its nothing short of Incredible. It’s insanely beautiful and it will break some hearts. It will break records, it will break the conventional, it will break the rules…WAIT, it will break the flagships.

[Update] The new Flagship is called Yu Yunicorn. Scheduled for launch on may 19.

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