How to Manually Update LeEco Le 2 to Official EUI 5.8 Marshmallow

Just after couple of weeks launching Le 2, LeEco has already rolled out a new firmware update for the device that brings so many new features to the device. First of all, it is Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow based EUI 5.8.015S ROM bringing your phone’s version from EUI v5.6 to EUI v5.8. The update is rolled out over OTA but as always, it use to be gradual roll out which means it make take to reach days or weeks to reach your device depending upon carries and region.

So, if you don’t want to wait so long, or if you are facing any problem to update it via OTA, you can install the official EUI 5.8 update manually on your LeEco Le 2 smartphone right away. The process is quite simple and doesn’t requires any expertise. You can install the same comfortably in few minutes. Let’s check out the detailed process of installation.

LeEco Le 2_3


  • Your phone should be charged atleast 70% to make sure it won’t get drained out during the process
  • Make sure your phone is unrooted. Should be running on the stock recovery and stock ROM EUI 5.6.013S
  • Download the official EUI 5.8 Firmware package from here
  • Download official LeEco USB Driver and install it on computer

Considering you are ready with all the above mentioned requirements, we can start with the installation / update process.

Installing / Updating LeEco Le 2 to EUI 5.8:

  • Connect your phone to PC where the firmware package is downloaded, and copy the file to your phone’s root directory. Make sure you copy it to the Root directory of internal storage to be easy accessible during process
  • Rename the firmware package to
  • Disconnect the cable from phone
  • Now open the Settings, tap on System Update, tap Menu and finally Local Update
  • Now the phone should automatically detect the download firmware package.
  • When prompted, confirm to start the installation.
  • Leave the phone idle for couple of minutes and let the process complete comfortably.
  • Once done, you can check the About Phone section to confirm the update installation.

LeEco Le 2 Firmware Update

That’s it. Now enjoy all the new features on your LeEco Le 2. For better performance, i would suggest you to Restart the phone once after update is completed.

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  1. how can i place the zip file in root folder ?
    i have tries using esExplorer for copying but it says permisssion denied.

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